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Meet Our Experts Doctors

Dr. Shilpa Sharda

MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia)
Consultant Anaesthetist & Intensivist
Mewar Hospital Udaipur

Our Services
The Department of Anaesthesiology is well-equipped with all the modern and state of the art facilities and served by our experienced Anaesthetists. The department is well integrated with all of our other
departments in its services. A full examination is carried out, and if necessary, the patient is referred for further investigations and treatments prior to the surgery.

  • The Department of Anaesthesiology covers a wide range of specialty and
    sub-specialty in anaesthesia including: Clinical Anaesthesia
  • Anaesthetic care in the operating theatres for all types of surgical,
    diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Sedation and anaesthesia in angiography, endoscopy and radiology
    suites as required.
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit 24-hour specialist intensive care coverage in the surgical intensivecare unit, neurosurgical intensive care unit and burns intensive care unit.
  • Pain Management Unit Inclusive of:
  • Acute Pain Service
  • Providing pre- and post-operative pain management procedures like epidural opioids, patient controlled analgesia and regional nerve blocks
  • Pain Clinic
  • Providing inpatient and outpatient chronic pain management