Requiring Total Hip Replacement Surgery In Chittorgarh? Avail Services From Mewar Hospitals

Requiring Total Hip Replacement Surgery In Chittorgarh? Avail Services From Mewar Hospital

Chittorgarh, a proud city of Mewar contains a lot of private medical institutions. Out of them, you can observe the name of Mewar Hospitals at the top, especially regarding orthopedic assistance. If there is a requirement for hip replacement surgery treatment in Chittorgarh, we can surely assist you. One of the hospital's branches in this city is enriched with the presence of a fine surgeon. He is a specialist person to deal with different orthopedic cases including hip replacement surgery. So, we will tell you various things connected to the hip and the procedure of this surgery.

About Hip Joint

One of the vital supports of our body is the hip joint. You can understand it as a ball and socket synovial joint. It is the point of articulation between the femur's head and the acetabulum of the pelvis. It joins the lower extremities with the axial skeleton and has a major contribution in weight-bearing. This ball-and-socket construction is there to provide three different kinds of flexibility.

* The first one is hip flexion and extension that causes moving the leg back and forth.

* Then, there is hip abduction and adduction. It causes shifting the leg out to the side and inward to the other leg.

* In last, there is a rotation. It consists of pointing the toes inward or outward and shifting the flattened leg in the path of the toes.

Now, talking about the basic components of the hip, it includes bones, articular cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons, synovial membrane, and fluid.
If a hipbone is fully functional, a person can stand, walk, or run. But when a disturbance is found and a person suffers from chronic hip pain. Then there can be some problematic issues in daily life activities and it restricts the person to a limit. If the condition worsens, the person needs to consult the hip replacement surgeon in Chittorgarh.

Causes Of Hip Pain

1. Arthritis

This condition is counted among one of the biggest reasons to get hip replacement surgery in Chittorgarh. Arthritis refers to a joint inflammation disease where osteoarthritis is one of its kind. When our hip joint comes in use, the cartilage helps to avoid friction as the hipbone moves in its socket. According to the age, the cartilage may wear down or get damaged. Osteoarthritis can also damage our cartilage. When the bones rub together during any movement, there can be a feeling of immovability and pain.

2. Tendinitis

Tendons are fibrous tissues that are supportive in joining the muscles to the bone. When the problem of tendinitis appears, there can be a feeling of pain. Due to overuse of the tendons, age, or an injury, a person can suffer from tendinitis.

3. Hip Fracture

Those who undergo osteoporosis, especially the elder people, can suffer from a hip fracture. And if it happens, a person finds himself in an uncomfortable state and experience hip and knee pain. Even it can be due to some other reasons.

4. Bursitis

There is a condition called trochanteric bursitis. It causes irritation of the bursae over the exterior side of the hip joint. Talking about the bursae, it is a fluid-filled sac found in various parts of the body including the hips. It helps to decrease friction and cushion the points between the tendons, muscles, and bones. There are some non-surgical practices available to treat trochanteric bursitis.

5. Dislocation

Sometimes, a person can undergo a sudden fall, accident, or sports injury due to which the hip joint can dislocate. Especially regarding hip dislocation, there can be a feeling of intense pain and can immobilize the hip joint. As a result, a person finds hardships as it can restrict the walking. That's why; it becomes important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Can Hip Pain Be Treated At Home?

Although, a person can take control of hip pain by applying some measures. For example, taking rest and avoiding those activities that put a lot of pressure on the hip. Or prevent sitting for long periods. A person is also required to avoid sleeping on the painful side of the hip.

Sometimes, applying cold and heat can be productive in treating the pain. Else, there is an option of some over-the-counter pain-relieving medications. The doctor can also recommend the patient to perform some exercises to get rid of the pain. In several conditions, there comes a need for total hip replacement surgery in Chittorgarh, if nothing else worth.

Know About The Hip Replacement Surgery

You can recognize this treatment option as one of the last steps to relieve pain and restore motion. The doctor firstly takes help from non-surgical methods to better the condition. And when all such things don't provide satisfactory results, they have to take the support of hip replacement surgery in Chittorgarh.

The procedure contains making an incision the hip and eradicating the injured part of the hip joint. As a substitution, a new artificial part called prosthesis is fixed. The prosthesis can either be made of metal, ceramic, or a mixture of such substances. If you also want to take the related help, kindly contact our hip replacement doctor in Chittorgarh.

During the Surgery

When this surgery is performed, both the bone and cartilage present in the ball-and-socket hip joint gets removed. Before initiating the surgery, the surgeon will supply anesthesia to the patient's body to take him into a deep sleep. The incision on the side of the hip. The muscles which are linked to the hip will be detached and thus, the joint will be exposed.
Then, the femoral head, which has been damaged, will be cut and eliminated. The bone socket and injured cartilage will be worn out, leaving a smooth and entirely curved surface. A metal cup will then go inside in the form of a new socket. After that, a liner will be pushed into the cup to make a smooth surface. Therefore, the hip can move generously.

Although there can be some change in the process of this surgery. But we're indicating a general idea to make you aware of the process. So, the hip replacement surgeon in Chittorgarh will have a look at the femur. The femur's end will be hollowed, and a long metal stem will cover that empty space. Eventually, the bone will grow into the implant, further protecting it.
Then, a ball made of metal or ceramic substance will be fit firmly on the metal stem's top. The ball will be positioned in the cup. When everything finishes, the surgeon will close the incision part with stitches or surgical staples.

When your hip replacement surgery treatment in Chittorgarh finishes, you may need to stay for some days in the hospital. There will be a requirement to take medicines timely as prescribed. Your stitches will remove after two weeks (may vary). You will also need to engage in some physical therapies as prescribed by the surgeon for a better recovery.

The Ending Note

So, if you want to take total hip replacement surgery in Chittorgarh, kindly contact Mewar Hospitals. Make sure to consult our doctors if you find something strange in your hip health. Sometimes, there can be a need for medical assistance and people don't recognize them properly. In such cases, they can face some problems.
We serve our facilities as one of the best hospitals for hip replacement surgery in Chittorgarh. We're also enriched with some correspondence assets like online chat, call, and mail facilities. So, if you have any queries to know from our side, kindly remember us through such resources. Or you can also visit our branches for better support.

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