Searching For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In Kota? Mewar Hospital Can Help

Searching For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In Kota? Mewar Hospitals Can Help

Hip pain has become a problem for many people and can occur due to a number of causes. It is a general term to express pain around the hip joint. The range of pain can vary from mild to severe. A person can tolerate such kind of a pain to a particular level. But if it goes to a higher extent, they need to be concerned about this matter. Because such kind of pain can force a person to adopt surgical assistance. And that can be in the form of replacement surgery. Even if you're also looking for a hip replacement surgery in Kota, you can contact Mewar Hospitals.

To know more things about the hip joint, causes of hip pain, and the procedure of hip replacement surgery. Kindly have a look at the paragraphs mentioned below.

About Hip Joint

You can identify this joint as a ball-and-socket type of synovial joint. It joins our pelvic belt to the lower limb and scientifically it is known as the acetabulofemoral joint. The femur, which is the longest and the strongest bone in our body, extends from the hip to the knee. Its head articulates with the acetabulum of the pelvic (hip) bone. One of the primary functions of our hips includes weight-bearing and allowing for a wide range of movements.

This is a kind of multiaxial joint by which we can shift our legs back and forth. It also permits some other activities like moving the leg out to the side and inward towards the other leg. Another work of our hip joint contains permitting the rotation. For example, pointing the toes outward or inward and then moving the straightened leg in the direction of the toes.

Elements Linked To the Hip Joint

We mentioned two important bones of the hip joint, i.e., the femur and pelvic bone. Now, let's have a look at some other essential components.
1. Articular Cartilage- helps to decrease the friction between the bones and allocate for a smooth gliding motion.
2. Ligaments and Tendons- supportive in joining muscles to bones and bones to bones.
3. Synovial Membrane and Fluid- encapsulates the complete hip joint. It creates a fluid called synovial fluid that lubricates and pass down nutrients to the joint.
4. Muscles- help to support the joint and facilitate the movement.
If something unpleasant happens inside the functioning of such components, a person may suffer from disturbances. Consequently, there can be a feeling of pain. And if it goes to a higher level, you may need to consult a hip replacement surgeon in Kota. Just like other essential parts of our body, we need to think about the wellbeing of our hips. It is important to take medical assistance whenever something looks wrong.

Causes of Hip Pain

There are several occurrences by which our body can experience some issues. Our hip stands as one of the stable and strongest joints; still, it can put the person in a painful state. So, given below are some conditions that account for creating hip pain. Some appearances of hip pain can be short-term, but many cases require surgical assistance.

1. Arthritis
Do you know it proves to be one of the terrible conditions for our joint health? Even in such a way that it can force you to get a total hip replacement surgery in Kota. This joint inflammation illness is one of the common causes of long-term pain. A lot of kinds are there to explore in arthritis. But many people have to take surgical help due to osteoarthritis. Such conditions bring inflammation to the hip joint and injure the cartilage that cushions the bones. The presence of arthritis can seriously impact a person's health and can cause a restricted range of motion.

2. Fractures
If someone meets with an accident or fall that impacts his hip bone. Particularly when a crack or a break is identified, then a strong amount of pain can take place. Even people suffering from conditions like osteoporosis are more likely to have hip fractures. If such things happen, a person needs to take medical support rapidly.

3. Dislocation
A dislocated hip joint can also create pain and can immobilize the hip joint. If dislocation in the hip joint takes place, a person can find hardships in walking. It can happen due to sports activities, a sudden fall, or an accident.

4. Bursitis
Trochanteric bursitis can bring irritation of the bursae in the outer portion of the hip joint. Regarding bursae, it proves to be a fluid-filled pouch and supports to lessen down the friction. It also cushions the point between the muscles, tendons, and bones. Though, it may not take you to a hip replacement surgeon in Kota as non-surgical methods are available for it.

5. Tendinitis
Tendons are known to be the thick bands of tissues that connect muscles to the bones. If there is an inflammation or irritation in the tendons, it will be considered tendinitis. It is one of the common causes behind acute hip pain. But it may heal non-surgically just like bursitis.

What Is Hip Replacement Surgery?

People may look for the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in Kota. If you're also searching for the same, we invite you to visit Mewar Hospital. The name of our institution is spread in different cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Our team is enriched with some famous joint replacement surgeons that have treated numerous successful operations.

If someone has trouble with their hips and want to fix this permanently, they can consult our doctors. Hip replacement surgery treatment in Kota will come in charge when non-surgical methods don't work to relieve pain. Like, if you visit a hip replacement surgeon in Kota, he will try to better the condition with some approaches. And such things can be in the form of medications or physical exercises, etc. If such things don't bring satisfactory results, then they will have to go for the last option, i.e., replacement surgery.

Procedure of Hip Replacement Surgery

The actual method may vary according to the surgeon's practice and the condition of the patient. But, we will mention a standard procedure to promote your knowledge about the practice.

In The Initial Time

The surgeon will inspect some general things like blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, and blood oxygen level of the patient. If everything seems to be fine, he will move to the next step, which is anesthesia. With the help of anesthesia, the patient will go for a temporary deep sleep. He will be unaware of the procedure and there will be no feeling of pain.

During The Surgery

The hip replacement surgeon will make a cut near the hip. He will remove the damaged parts of the hip joint and cartilage. Artificial joint known as prosthesis will go inside as a substitute. Then, he will implant the prosthetic socket into the pelvic bone to replace the damaged socket.
When it happens, the round ball on the femur will be substituted by a prosthetic ball that is linked to a stem that fits into the thighbone. The appearance of both stem and cup usually come in metal form. While the ball may contain ceramic or metal.

Completion of The Surgery

When everything accomplishes, the surgeon will close the incision (cut) either by stitches or surgical staples. And the surgical part will be wrapped with a dressing or sterile bandage.

To know more about the hip replacement surgery treatment in Kota, you can contact Mewar Hospitals. Our doctors will be there to inspect your condition and answering the queries.

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