Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In Udaipur? Mewar Hospital Is Here For The Support

Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In Udaipur? Mewar Hospital Is Here For The Support

In the present time, you can address numerous health complaints. Some people have mental difficulties, while many of them are anxious about their physical wellbeing. Like, if we talk about the problem of pain, you may not take it seriously. If it seems to be minor, a thought appears that it will go away by own or through some measures. But remember, it can negatively impact the life of a person. There are cases where people have to visit the doctor regarding hip pain. Sometimes, it may not be that serious and people find relief by medications or through physical exercises. But, when the condition becomes severe, there can be a call for replacement surgery. There are various medical authorities like Mewar Hospital that can bring hip replacement surgery treatment in Udaipur.

So, if you want to know more about this surgical procedure and related things. Then must read the information given in the lower segment.

Regarding Hip Joint

It refers to a 'ball and socket synovial joint' that allows a lot of activities to perform. It is also the most stable joint in our body that helps in stability and weight-bearing. It is formed by an articulation between the femur's head (ball) and the pelvic acetabulum (socket). Both ball and socket are covered in the articular cartilage.
There is a role of two types of ligaments, i.e., intracapsular and extracapsular in the hip joint. They assist in elevating the stability. Regarding neurovascular supply, our hip joint is supplied by femoral, obturator, and sciatic nerves. Movements like flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, lateral rotation and medial rotation are carried out by our hip joint.

Pain In The Hips? Know The Reasons

Many people aren't aware of the causes behind hip pain. And they don't have an idea that severe hip pain can take them to a hip replacement surgeon in Udaipur. Whenever we sit, relax or sleep, there is a major contribution of our hips to keep everything fine. When someone feels a disturbance around the hip joint, it can be frustrating. As it creates an adverse impact on daily-life activities. A wide range of problems is there to see behind hip pain. Some hip pain is short-term, while others can be chronic and long-standing.

Let's know about the causes that contribute to bringing the pain to the hip side.

1. Arthritis

This joint inflammation disease stands as one of the threatening conditions for our body. Although it contains a lot of kinds. But some of them like osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis can bring severe consequences to hip health. Even arthritis is such a condition due to which hip replacement surgery in Udaipur may come in charge. So, you need to be cautious, and consulting the doctor will be a good option to prefer.

2. Fracture

A break or fracture, in any part of the body, can bring pain. Specifically, regarding hip fracture, it can be annoying and hurts plenty. A fracture may occur due to a fall, direct blow to the hip side, or a stress injury. Even the age factor also matters in this context as the bones can become weak and brittle with age. And weakened bones are more likely to fracture if a person falls.

3. Bursitis

There is a condition called trochanteric bursitis that can deliver hip pain to a person. It happens when the bursae (a liquid-filled sac close to the hip joint) gets inflamed. The inflammation can be due to repetitive activities that bother or overwork the hip joint. Some other factors of bringing trochanteric bursitis are posture problems or a hip injury.

4. Other Problems

A person can also feel pain in the hips due to some other conditions. For example, tendinitis, sprains, bone cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis, dislocation, or inguinal hernia.

Regarding Hip Replacement Surgery

It is a kind of surgery that replaces an injured or diseased hip joint through an artificial joint or implant. Also considered as hip arthroplasty, it proves to be a major surgical practice. When non-surgical options become unsuccessful to relieve pain, doctors recommend this option. You can get its availability in Mewar Hospital as the unit contains several professional surgeons. Our institution comes under one of the best hospitals for hip replacement surgery in Udaipur. With the help of this operation, thousands of people regained their mobility.

There are three major kinds of hip replacement surgery to see, namely total hip replacement, partial hip replacement, and hip resurfacing.

What Happens In The Procedure?

If you want to get help from a hip replacement doctor in Udaipur, kindly contact us. We are here to assist you in such conditions with a proper treatment option.

Before The Surgery

Whether you are directed towards partial or total hip replacement surgery in Udaipur, the doctor would like to check pre of fitness checks like pulse rate, oxygenation levels, ECG, blood pressure etc. If these are within normal limits then the doctor can declare that patient is fit for surgery.

During The Surgery

When the actual time of surgery comes, the patient will get either spinal or general anesthesia. With its help, the muscles will be relaxed and will take the patient into a short-term sleep. It comes underuse so the patient could not feel any pain during the operation. And he should remain unaware of the procedure.
The surgeon will then make an incision along the hip side. The muscles linked to the top of the thighbone will be moved that will represent the hip joint. Then, the elimination of the ball section of the joint will take place by cutting the thighbone. Next, the hip socket will be prepared and damaged cartilage will be removed. After that, he will link the replacement socket part to the hipbone. The new ball section of the thighbone will also be put into the bone. When everything accomplishes, the surgeon will rejoin the muscles and shut the incision back.

Remember, the procedure of hip replacement surgery in Udaipur may vary as given above. To know what exactly happens in the surgery, please feel free to consult our doctors.

Some Other Things To Know

If you want to ask for suggestions from one of the best hip replacement surgeons in Udaipur. We recommend you to visit Mewar Hospital. Our doctors are trained and successfully handled various cases of replacement surgeries.
Here, we want to tell you something about what will happen with the patient after the completion of the surgery.

After The Surgery

Pursuing a hip replacement surgery treatment in Udaipur surely is a big task. But, apart from the doctor, there are some responsibilities which the patient and his family members need to understand.

1. The patient will have to stay in the hospital for some days, maybe around one week.

2. Some physical therapies will take place after the surgery and will remain for some weeks.

3. The patient will strictly need to follow the guidelines given by the doctor after discharge from the hospital. There will be a requirement to avoid some things for six months to an entire year. Since they can affect the wellbeing of the hip joint.

4. Even after complete healing of your joint, there will be a restriction on certain sports activities.

Instead of searching for the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in Udaipur. At least visit our hospital and have a look at the services. Our professional Orthopedic surgeons will be there to assist you in bringing relief from hip pain. For more queries, contact us through the available resources.

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