Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In Ujjain? Get Services From Mewar Hospital

Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In Ujjain? Get Services From Mewar Hospital

Ujjain, being a popular city of Madhya Pradesh contains good medical facilities of several departments. You can identify a huge number of hospitals situated around this city. Many of them offer fine services in a particular department. Like, if we talk about orthopedic, Mewar Hospitals is here to bring different kinds of services to the patients. We are here to provide joint replacement surgery by one of our professional surgeons. Currently, people with hip pain, in severe cases have to take support from a hip replacement doctor in Ujjain. Although the doctor recommends some non-surgical methods in the initial time to get rid of such pain. But, there are some conditions in which non-surgical approaches don't work in favor of the patient.

Here, we will describe some aspects related to our hip joint, hip pain, and replacement surgery.

About The Hip Joint

It refers to a ball and socket synovial joint that creates a link from the lower limb to the pelvic girdle. In the hip joint, the femur's head articulates with the acetabulum of the pelvis (hip bone). Our hip joint can perform a variety of motions like flexion, external rotation, internal rotation, abduction, adduction, extension, and circumduction. One of the prime tasks of our hip joint is to bear the body's weight.

Regarding acetabulum, it is figured by the union of the ilium, ischium, and public bones. It has a major contribution in providing stability to our hip joint. Our hip joint is internally lined by a synovial membrane and surrounded by a strong fibrous capsule. Talking about the structure of this joint, it is constructed with different elements.

The location of our hip is where the thighbone (femur) fits into the pelvis. For those who don't know, the femur bone stands as the largest bone inside us. It extends from the knee to the hip. The acetabulum and the femoral head are lined with articular cartilage which is a flexible and strong material. Articular cartilage is helpful in different means. Like, it permits two surfaces to move smoothly against each other. It also works as a shock absorber.

There is also a great role of cartilage in the hip joint that makes the joint more stable. It also contributes to bringing flexibility. Thereafter, some ligaments in the hip side connect the femur to the pelvis. Whereas, tendons help to link the bones to many nearby muscles. Regarding the synovial membrane, it encapsulates the overall hip joint and generates a synovial fluid. This kind of fluid is known to be a viscous substance that circulates and lubricates nutrients to the joint. In the end, there are several muscles like the gluteal muscles, the adductor muscle, the iliopsoas muscle, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Mutually, they assist in delivering support to our hip joint.

The wellbeing of such elements is necessary for the betterment of our hips. Otherwise, many of them can bring the problem of hip pain. To explain this term better, we will mention some causes by which a person can experience pain in the hips.

Causes of Hip Pain


This is one of the well-known types of arthritis. Arthritis is a joint inflammation disease and also one of the greatest causes behind hip replacement surgery in Ujjain. Osteoarthritis in the hip takes place when the hip joint cartilage wears out over time. When it happens, the bone may rub on the other. If there is a presence of osteoarthritis, a person can feel different types of hip pain. For example, it can be sharp, aching, and dull. Even there are some other kinds of inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis that can bring pain to the hips.


A crack or break in the bone, in any part of the body, will probably create pain. Especially when a fracture takes place in the hip side, for example, in the upper section of the thigh bone. If it happens, a person can experience pain in the groin or outer-upper thigh section. That's why; a person needs to take immediate action when something appears to be wrong with his body. You can consult with a hip replacement doctor in Ujjain as they are orthopedic professionals.


Bursae is the name of a fluid-filled sac that is productive in decreasing friction. It cushions the parts of bones, muscles, and tendons and its presence are visible in hips and some other places. When there is an inflammation in the bursae, a feeling of pain can arise and this condition is known as bursitis.


Although this condition may not force you for a total hip replacement surgery in Ujjain but can cause hip pain. There are fibrous tissues called tendons that connect muscles to bones. If there is swelling, irritation, or inflammation in the tendons, it will be known as tendinitis.

Other Causes:

* Hip Flexor Strain
* Osteonecrosis of the Hip
* Hip Labrum Tear
* Bone Cancer
* Snapping Hip Syndrome
* Hamstring Muscle Strain

About Hip Replacement Surgery

It refers to one of the most common procedures of joint replacement procedures along with knee replacement. Hip replacement surgery treatment in Ujjain is a major surgical procedure and one of the finest ways to relieve pain. It also helps in restoring motion that was absent due to the presence of pain. In this method, the surgeon eliminates the damaged joint surface and replaces it with artificial material.
We indicated something about this procedure earlier that the doctor will not directly advise to have surgery. So remember, this procedure is reserved for those who have attempted other treatments and are still suffering from pain.

What Happens In The Procedure?

If you're searching for the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in Ujjain, make sure to contact us. Our professional surgeon will be there to support you with their team. Now, regarding the procedure, the damaged joint lining is taken out. There is a removal of the damaged part of the bone and cartilage on the ball-and-socket joint. In that place, an artificial implant takes place that works like a normal hip. The implant can be of metal or high-grade plastic.

For better consultation and knowledge about the procedure, you can contact our hip replacement surgeon in Ujjain. There can be a need to stay in the hospital for a day or two after the surgery. You may be guided by a physical therapist to have some exercises after the surgery. Since it becomes crucial to do some movement after the surgery. When you reach home, make sure to keep the surgical part dry and clean. You may need to follow some instructions of everyday living until proper recovery takes place. The stitches or surgical staples made during the surgery will be removed after two weeks of surgery.

Our Services

Although hip replacement surgery in Ujjain is a challenge for many people. But still, it is a productive measure to improve their health standards. And when you deal with such important operations, it is necessary to have it from a reputed place. Mewar Hospitals has a dedicated approach in the field of orthopedics. Our surgeons have successfully managed numerous joint replacement operations. You can consider us to be one of the best hospitals for hip replacement surgery not only in Ujjain. But we are also popular in different cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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