Looking Forward To Knee Replacement Surgery In Dungarpur? Mewar Hospital Can Assist

Looking Forward To Knee Replacement Surgery In Dungarpur? Mewar Hospital Can Assist

An ordinary person may face some critical conditions in his life regarding health. And that condition can be in the form of pain that disturbs the joy of living. Well, this thing may be due to joint problems. And our knees, being one of the major constituents inside the body can create extreme pain. Fortunately, we have different available options through which people can find easiness from knee aches. But, do you know sometimes medicines and physical therapy-based options don't prove beneficial to solve the problems in advanced stages. Therefore, the patient gets one option in the form of a replacement operation. Mewar Hospital, being a giant unit is available to deliver knee replacement surgery treatment in Dungarpur. Our orthopedics department involves one of the critical operations concerning the knees.

About Knee Replacement

This is a kind of major surgical procedure in which the damaged joint of the knee is replaced with a prosthesis. It proves to be a productive measure in cases where other options fail to allow restoring knee mobility. And most importantly, this practice comes in use to lessen the amount of pain among the patients. When someone suffers from knee pain and visits a doctor, he will likely implement some examination to know the condition. A sensible physician will always try to treat the cause firstly with the help of medications or through physical workouts. Total Knee Replacement surgery will come in use when these things won't work in favor of the patient. Although, many people have to take the assistance of this surgical practice. And if you're also searching for a knee replacement surgeon in Dungarpur, you can connect to Mewar Hospitals.

Now, The Main Question Is Why This Happens?

It can be due to some unpleasing conditions that affect joint health. For example, arthritis and two of its major kinds account to uplift the likelihood of replacement surgery. You can consider this situation as a joint inflammation disease. It appears in the form of swelling of one or more joints and people of any age can come into its contact. The presence of arthritis can be an alarming sign for your joint health. Now, let's have a shorter look at two major kinds of arthritis, i.e., osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


This is one of those ordinary appearances in which millions of people are affected globally. Osteoarthritis takes place when our defensive cartilage wears down. Cartilage helps to cushion the ends of our bones.

* One significant news to know about this condition is that it can't be reversed.

However, it can be managed with the help of an expert orthopedist. Remember, there can be a call for a knee replacement doctor in Dungarpur due to this condition. Some of its common symptoms include pain, stiffness, tenderness, swelling, loss of flexibility, bone spurs, and grating sensation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is a chronic systemic inflammatory ailment and you can also recognize it as an autoimmune condition. In this case, the immune system commences attacking our own tissues of the body.

* Rheumatoid arthritis will affect the joints of both sides of the body.

Rheumatoid arthritis can bring inflammation in the lining of joints by which the joints may behave with several actions. Like, they can turn red, swollen, warm, and become painful. If you face joint pain, swelling, stiffness, or fatigue, try to consult it with a doctor. This is yet another type of arthritis that takes you for knee replacement surgery treatment in Dungarpur.

What Mewar Hospital Offers?

If you search for the best hospital for best knee replacement surgeon in Dungarpur, you can find our name. This is due to the presence of some fine doctors that are connected with our name. We have those specialists in our department whose assistance can discharge you from knee joint pain. You can contact our side to know about the doctors who can bring you replacement help.
If we talk about one of our senior faculty, he can bring the facility of both primary and revision replacement. This means if you want partial or total knee replacement surgery in Dungarpur, you can achieve through their help. Or those who have already taken the help from this procedure and want to consider revision can also come here. Additionally, a person can find support from us for minimally invasive knee replacement. So, according to the condition, our doctor can guide you to take help from the mentioned preferences.

Other Options For Knee Problems

Apart from knee replacement surgery in Dungarpur, you can have a look at some other options as well. Like, we are mentioning the availability of services by one of our senior candidates. Here, one important thing that proves to be an effective procedure is arthroscopy.

1. Arthroscopy

We mentioned some things about knee replacement surgery treatment in Dungarpur. But this procedure isn't that much bigger and hence proves to be minimally invasive. This is because the surgery can be operated by making a small incision along the joint side. Like, if someone calls for knee arthroscopy, the surgeon will make a tiny cut in the knee portion. After that, a narrow tube is inserted containing a camera with it. With the help of this activity, the doctor identifies the inside view through the monitor placed outside. And with its help, some troubles linked to the knees can also be solved. So overall, arthroscopy is a productive measure in diagnosing and treating several joint problems.

2. Knee Ligament Tears And Reconstruction

Our knee side has the occurrence of four major ligaments, namely

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)

Medial collateral ligament (MCL)

Lateral collateral ligament (LCL)

They help to unite bones with each other. Ligaments tend to deliver stability and strength to our joints. A person can face injury inside them, especially in the ACL and it commonly happens by sports activities. Happily, we can assist a person in cases of ligament tears. And those who require ligament reconstruction can also meet us. The method involves eliminating the torn ligament and restoring with a part of a tendon from other parts of the knee. Or it can be done through a deceased donor.

3. Meniscal (Knee Cartilage) Tear And Repair

It is a surgical procedure that is performed with the help of keyhole surgery. When a meniscus is torn, it can't heal without treatment in some cases and needs professional assistance. Just like a good best knee replacement surgeon in Dungarpur can bring you possibilities of a successful operation. Meniscus repair also proves to be highly successful if performed by an experienced professional. The knee which is injured contains the chances of originating arthritis. And if there is a successful repair, it will slow down the progress of arthritic changes.

The Ending Note

Along with these things, you can also explore the services of knee salvage surgery and realignment procedures. In the end, try to remember us if you look for a knee replacement doctor in Dungarpur. Mewar Hospital is here to assist the person in various circumstances. Whether it refers to a partial knee replacement surgery treatment or total knee replacement surgery in Dungarpur.
One of our biggest strengths in the field of medical science is orthopedics. If you explore our doctors' section on the website, there will be a long list of specialist doctors from orthopedics. So, kindly admire our services and call us for information and assistance.

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