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The Best Multispeciality Hospital Facilities in Chittorgarh

The life of a person is not about being constant all the time. As people fall into the waning or declining age, there can be an emergence of different problems. Some concerns may appear in various parts of the body related to bone health, joints, and other parts. For that, they have to take assistance via surgery or other medical procedures. Even if we inspect the condition of today's time, many people from earlier ages are suffering from various ailments.

If someone is living in Chittorgarh, he may search for a super speciality hospital near me in search engine. This is because such hospitals can treat the patient's condition with some complex techniques. And they hire proficient doctors who are professionals and trained in different zones.

Chittorgarh is considered as one of the prime cities that comes under the Mewar region. This is a place enriched with heritage and some exalted beauties. In the usual days, you can see the appearance of tourists coming from different parts of the world. And if talk about the locality, some several towns and villages come under this district. You can also consider this place as an epicenter for many small regions. That's why people move to this region for better facilities. With all such qualities to identify, there is a need for the best multispeciality hospital in Chittorgarh.

Being an important place in Mewar, how our hospital can stay far from it? Yes, Mewar Hospitals has got the opportunity to provide various treatment options in the city of Chittorgarh. Just like other divisions, we can deliver some fine services related to medical hospitality services in this city. Firstly, let's quickly make our readers aware of the dealings in which we are engaged.

Section of Orthopedics

Is There Any Best Orthopedic Hospital In Chittorgarh?

We have a tremendous group of orthopedic doctors that are professional to handle several cases. The field of medical science requires perfect execution. It means a doctor should be up to the mark when it comes to treating the patients. When a person becomes professional and takes a healthy experience to deal with various treatment options. Then he or she becomes the priority for those who want to pursue the treatment. It is because people keep trust in those who have achieved success in earlier times. We are happy to tell you that many of our physicians belonging to the orthopedic department have rich experience. And this is one of the strengths of Mewar Hospitals that we have the presence of such practitioners. Let's have a look at a few listings of complaints in which you can get our assistance.
* Knee and hip replacement (primary and revisions)

* Associated problems of hand, wrist and associated trauma

* Pediatric orthopedic

* Inspection and management of back and neck problem

* Problems related to fractures

* Reverse or total shoulder replacement

* Stress and sprains

We have many other things to include in this list. If something you want doesn't appear here, don't feel worried. Just consult our doctors with the kind of treatment you want. And most probably, they will instruct you with the available treatment option.

Suffering From Knee Problem? Here's What You Need To Look

Mewar hospitals has an experienced surgical team that has successfully handled many replacements. We execute our tasks with one of the advanced techniques like a computer navigation system. It provides both precision and durability for the treatment. By visiting us, you can get one of the paramount quality implants.

Section Of Neurology

Can I Find The Best Neurologist In Chittorgarh?
One of the departments that look forward to the diagnosis and treatment of our nervous system is neurology. People have issues with their brain, head, or spine. As a result, they have to consult a neurosurgeon that can deliver treatment options in front of them. If we talk about our senior faculty in the field of neurology, there are a bunch of services available. We will try to mention them independently.

Brain Surgery-

* Brain tumors

* Pediatric neurosurgery

* Epilepsy and stroke surgery

* Neuro endoscopy

* Hydrocephalus

* Aneurysm & AVM surgery, etc.

Head Injury-

* All types of trauma as well as polytrauma cases

* Neurocritical care

* Surgery for cases like complex brain and spine injury

* Recovery in A & E division

Spine Surgery- Lumbar & cervical disc surgeries

* Laminectomies & Laminoplasty-

- Micro discectomies

- Disc substitution (replacement) surgery

- Endoscopic spine surgery

* Spine stabilization surgeries

* Spine tumor surgeries

* Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

Other Patient-Based Care
This is not mandatory that people arrive at our centers only for the options mentioned above. If they require some additional assistance, we must let them aware of those services. If we combine the doctors of all our branches and tell you what they can serve for the patients. Then it will prove to be a better deal for people who hope to obtain a different kind of help. So, let's have a short glimpse of such assistance.

Anesthesiology & Intensivist
The department of anaesthesiology is linked to anaesthesia. It stands for a medical area of expertise that is concerned with complete perioperative care of patients. Doctors apply the usage of anaesthesia and some other things like intensive care medicine, critical emergency, and pain-based medicine. They can come in use before and after surgery according to the situation. Secondly, intensivist is the name of a board-certified person that can deliver specialized care for those who are seriously ill. Such physicians contain advanced training and experience to treat the patients.

General Surgery

Well, a person can face something unpleasant with his body and some of the parts may alarm for a treatment. If left untreated, such problems may affect a person's life with a negative impact. But, if someone becomes attentive on time and consult the doctor. Then there can be a relief with the help of general surgery.

Now, what kinds of general surgery we are talking about?
There are several options that a person can obtain from one of our doctors experienced in general surgery. But here, we are mentioning some treatments that you can identify in a general surgery list.
Open/laparoscopic surgery to treat all kind of hernias

Surgery/aftercare of trauma cases

Open/laparoscopic endoscopic abdominal surgeries including surgeries of many internal body parts

Kidney, ureteric, and urinary bladder related treatments.

Hemorrhoid/ anal fistula

Anal Fissure

Abdominal surgical treatment for Malignancy and tumors
We hope you prefer our side if any problem appears instead of searching for a super speciality hospital near me.

The Ending Note
Connectedly, you can also identify some other departments in Mewar Hospitals. For example, we didn't mention informative content regarding obstetrics and gynaecology, oral & maxillofacial surgery, pathology, urology, and andrology. But, they are available from our side. So, you can come in the case of an emergency to take benefit from any required assistance. These things allow us to be the contender of super speciality hospitals not only in Chittorgarh but in different places. The hospital unit has successfully managed to develop its initiative in not only a single place. But, you can identify our presence in two different states counting multiple cities.

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