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Dr Shriniwas Vishnu Yadkikar

MBBS, M.S. Orthopeadic
Fellow in Ilizarov Surgery, Kurgan (Russia)

Specialist Hip Knee & Shoulder Surgery & Ilizarov Surgery
Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgeon
Consultant Orthopedics Mewar Hospital- Dhar

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Know More About the Best Multispeciality Hospital In Dhar - Mewar Hospital

"To ensure good health, keep yourself balanced. And if something goes wrong, visit a good hospital".
Almost every one of us faces different scenarios throughout our existence. Nearly every person faces some health issues in his life. Though, some people come in contact with usual wellbeing issues that go by own. But, there are many cases in which treatment becomes mandatory. Obviously, you will get such treatments from a reputed hospital. And if someone isn't aware of the best multispeciality hospital in Dhar, we will try to mention something through Mewar Hospital's side. Now, one thing that may appear in the mind of someone is the exact meaning of such hospitals. So, let's have a look first at some correlated information.

What Is A Multispeciality Hospital?

You can simply understand it as a place where a person can identify the expertise of different fields. It means it is a place where you can find a treatment for manifold diseases. For example, if someone runs a private hospital, he will provide basic assistance that you can expect in general cases. But, what if you face any issue related to your bone health like fracture? Or what if someone is in a need of observing and treating the joint problem? Well, surely a wise person will go to consult an orthopedic doctor. Along with that, if someone wants to ask some queries regarding the nervous system. They will have to shift their feet towards a neurologist. With the help of these things, you can identify our sense behind mentioning these examples. To find the guidance of an expert candidate in multiple branches of medical science, you can prefer a multispeciality hospital. And if you want to know more about what kind of service does Mewar Hospital can deliver. There will be a requirement to read the points mentioned in the lower segment. From that, you can take an idea about our services and whether they are useful for your case or not.

Field of Neurosurgery

Suffering from a brain or spine-related issues? Want to present your problem in front of a specialist? Looking for the best neurologist in Dhar? Try to lessen your worries as our hospital is enriched with the presence of a senior neurosurgeon. He is a specialist physician who can tackle a variety of cases including head, brain, and spine injuries. Like, when something goes wrong with a person's brain, for example, tumors, he has to find its appropriate treatment. Our perfect masters are sitting under the shed of Mewar Hospitals to solve your problem. Like, one of our doctors can bring the services of complex brain surgery and in cases of brain tumors. Even there are a lot of things including pediatric neurosurgery, spine stabilization, and tumor surgery, or stroke surgery to explore. They can also handle some other practices and specialized methods. So, we admire your presence if you want any of the mentioned facilities from our doctor.

Field of Orthopedics

There would have been many people requiring the assistance of hip and knee replacements, whether primary or revisions. We are glad to tell you that one of the best departments of Mewar Hospital is orthopedics. You can find numerous experts that can assist you in cases of trauma, joint replacement surgeries, and problematic orthopedic issues. Still, we'll mention some availabilities of treatment that you can find in the locality.
1. Problems connected to hand and wrist as well as associated trauma

2. Trouble in foot and ankle with a special interest in forefoot surgeries

3. Different kinds of trauma assistance

4. Pediatric Orthopedic

5. Arthroscopy of joints like knee and ankle, ACL reconstruction

6. Observation of sport injuries

7. Knee salvage surgeries and realignment method.

So, if you are looking forward to the best orthopedic hospital in Dhar, try to remember us in your wish list.

Field of General Surgery

Even if it looks like a common term, still it proves to be very essential for many. This category eventually contains treatment options which are obligatory to perform under expert supervision. Like, if you find any super speciality hospital in Dhar and if they deliver general surgery examinations. Then, you can consider such places as a priority. You can also have a preference for our hospital where the expert professionals can help in different ways.


1. Open and laparoscopic for all kinds of hernias

2. Surgery and aftercare of trauma cases

3. Open and laparoscopic endoscopic abdominal surgeries together with CBD, stomach, liver, gall bladder, appendix, small & large intestines, etc.

4. Surgeries for adrenals, urethral surgeries like nephrectomy, pyeloplasties, mastectomy (breast surgeries), etc. Also, abdominal surgeries for malignancy and tumors, and bariatric surgery are available.

Treatment of General Issues:

1. Ano-rectal illnesses like abscesses, tumors, fistula, fissures, stapled haemorrhoidectomy, etc.

2. Kidney, bladder outlet obstruction, PCNL, TURP, TURBT, IOU, BNR, ureteric and urinary bladder stone, prostate, etc.

3. Supervision of infirmity of arteries and veins including varicose veins

4. Thyroidectomy, hydrocele, anal fistula, anal fissure, etc.
Being one of the super speciality hospitals in Dhar, Mewar Hospital can supervise to make such treatment options available. For that, you'll have to contact our team so they could assist with further implementations.

Other Departments

Along with the mentioned sectors, we are happy to announce that you can also find some other support from our side. For example, there is a division of anaesthesiology and intensivist to explore. This kind of department is linked to patient care and pain relief management. After that, you can see the presence of obstetrics and gynaecology where one of our senior doctors is delivering services. You can see the inclination of this division as treatment and care for women and pregnancy.
The rest departments include oral and maxillofacial surgery. Here, treatment related to dentistry, jaw, and some other things are counted. Subsequently, we have the presence of a pathology section where different kinds of pathology-based support are available. Last, but not least, there is a department of urology and andrology. This department relates to the diagnosis and treatment of male and female reproductive systems. So, people can visit to consult our specialist doctors if they face issues connected to the declared branches.

Searching For A Multispeciality Hospital Near Me? Mewar Hospital Can Help

Sometimes people have to take assistance from such treatment options which they don't have any idea about professionals. Like, we mentioned some topics related to neurology and orthopedics where you need an experienced candidate for positive outcomes. And if someone finds them for surgical or medical assistance, they can ensure faith for positive outcomes.
Mewar Hospital is also a group where you can find tremendous services from our specialists. This is not only about a specific service, we managed to cover around ten different departments as mentioned above. And if someone doesn't know about our other branches. We must tell you that we have established our centers in 11 cities of two states. So, if you feel that we can help with something, please let us know by visiting the nearest centers. We have emerged ourselves as a multispeciality hospital in regions like Dhar. And if someone wants superior facilities for the treatment, they can get details of our tier-2 and tier-3 section.

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