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Joint Replacement Surgery, Orthopedics

23+ Years of experience in Complex Trauma Fractures, Joint Replacements, Spine Trauma, Arthoscopy, Ilizarove Surgery

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Joint Replacement Surgery, Orthopedics

21+ Years of Rich Experience in Paediatric Orthopaedics, Polio Trauma Surgery, Arthoscopy, Joint Replacements



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Acquire Super Speciality Hospital Services In Dungarpur By Mewar Hospitals

"Don't panic with the illness if the treatment is nearby you".
Problems can appear in anybody's life, especially when it regards to our health. You can find natural measures to eliminate some health-related issues. But if the condition is severe and serious, one of the best recommendations is to move towards a hospital. You may find some best multispeciality hospital in the Dungarpur region. But, it isn't necessary that everybody knows what kind of facilities are available in such places. That's why we will mention those things which Mewar Hospital can deliver with perfection. But before that, let's have a short look at the city which of which this topic is about.

One of the prime cities of Rajasthan that seems closer to the border of Gujarat is Dungarpur. It is situated in the southernmost part of the state in the Udaipur Division. It stands for a city having some beauties to explore and a lot of population resides inside it. And that's why there comes a strict demand for hospital services to be fine. Mewar Hospital has chosen this place as one of its centers to facilitate people with different services. However, people shift to cities where they can achieve advanced facilities. And Dungarpur is located in such a part of the land where cities, known for better treatment options are closer. But, what if you get many assistance inside the city! Even if there's a need to refer the patient for better medical support, our main branch isn't too far away. So, if someone feels discomfort to its health, we wish to choose us as preference.

What Is A Super Speciality Hospital?

It is a place where you can find care and treatment of the patients who suffer from a particular disease. Here, trained professionals in different fields are available. For example, if you're suffering from a problem related to your nervous system, you will admire to consult a neurologist. Instead of going to a general practitioner, people will choose to go where they can discover related support. You can find some advanced technologies inside such centers. And if we particularly talk about our country, the establishment of super speciality hospitals is in trend. Talking about Mewar Hospital, people can discover some superior services in our tier-2 and tier-3.

Services Offered By Mewar Hospital

If the talk is mentioned regarding the neurology department, people may look for the best neurologist in Dungarpur. If someone is in need to consult for the associated topic, we have the availability of doctors. We will mention some services related to the field of neurology as well.


Can I Find Any Best Neurologist In Dungarpur?
Nowadays, people have a demand for a super-specialist in the field of neurology. There can be numerous problems with someone's nervous system and they feel better to consider an expert physician. Talking about the hospital's department, the patients can achieve wide treatment options from our neurosurgeon. You can contact us to fix an appointment with our senior physician who looks after diverse cases as a neurologist. For example, due to accidents or some other reasons, people face head injury. That's why, to solve such cases, we offer several classes of trauma and polytrauma support. There is also an availability of neurocritical care, surgery for the complex brain, and injury related to the spine. Issues connected to brain tumors and other assistances like pediatric neurosurgery, neuro endoscopy, and epilepsy surgery, etc. are also there. So, you can remember us in such conditions and avail all kinds of information prior to the treatment.


Is There Any Best Orthopedic Hospital In Dungarpur?
This is probably one of those departments where people of different age groups prefer to get the best services. An orthopedic doctor has a difficult job role as he deals with numerous complicated cases. Like, if someone faces a problem in their spine, Total knee Replacement, or hip and want to consider a replacement. Then, they will have to shift towards him. If you want primary or revision replacement of knee and hip, you can come to take our help. Additionally, we are presenting some other services that a person may need.
* Knee salvage operation and realignment practice

* Problems connected to hand and wrist, and linked trauma

* Pediatric orthopedic

* All kinds of trauma

* Evaluation and management of back and neck trouble

* Arthroscopy-lower limb, joints like knee and ankle, ACL rebuilding/sport injuries
So, if you require any assistance and want to consult with advice from our doctor. Please let us know by contacting the mentioned numbers or through an appointment.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The surgeons belonging to this category are those specialists who deal with several kinds of treatment options. Especially if we talk about some chief aspects, then you can observe disorders that affect the facial complex and skeleton. For example, they are trained to identify and treat problems of the head, jaws, neck, and face. One more thing that people wish to obtain good services is regarding dentistry. These people also inspect the related cases and are also prepared for providing anaesthesia.
Given below are some of our services by which the readers will get a better idea of their workings.
Dental implants, wisdom teeth, conservative dentistry (preserving teeth), root canals & crowns (saving teeth), and teeth straightening. Cosmetic dentistry along with pediatric dentistry (for child), replacement of teeth, and gum treatments are also available.
Orthognathic surgery, cosmetic maxillofacial surgery, minimally invasive surgical treatments.
Fractures, Disorders & Others
Jaw fractures, TMJ disorders, oral pathology, lift procedure, facial trauma, etc.
Other Departments
Being a giant unit, we can make it possible to bring treatment services in more than 10 departments. After consulting the team, you can identify the presence of our experts in their connecting regions. Like, we mentioned the service of oral & maxillofacial surgery, the specialist doctor resides in other regions. But, it seems not far away from the Dungarpur region. So, there can be a management of treatment if someone prefers our doctors for a specific department. Now, moving towards a shorter look at the rest of our section for medical assistance. Firstly, you can find general surgery which itself is a necessary component for a multi speciality hospital. Subsequently, there are pathology-related support and urology, andrology, anaesthesiology, intensivist, etc. are also available. Those who want to take help from obstetrics and gynaecology can also give us a chance to serve the facilities.
The Concluding Message
Mewar Hospital has a tremendous link in various cities of Rajasthan. And we have made such a chain where a patient can find care and treatment for various ailments. It's not necessary that you can find an expert candidate in every field in a single institution. But, if you're suffering from any of the mentioned divisions, kindly contact us to prepare possible arrangements. This unit has become a helpful hand for so many patients. And we'll be happy if you prefer services from our side. So, instead of looking for a super speciality hospital near me, we have guided you with some useful information. If you're suffering from a disease, don't lose hope. Instead, think positive and hope for the best.

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