Dr. Mahaveer

MBBS, MS (Orthopedic Surgery)

Knee, Spine and Hip replacement Specialist Surgeon


Dr. Bhumika

BDS (Dentist)
Dental Care and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dental Surgery, Dental Implant

Best Dentist in kota

Dr. Piyush Kant

MBBS, M.S, M.C.H (Neuro Surgery)
Specialties : Neuro and Spine Surgery

Trauma Surgery & Sciatica Specialist

Dr. Tanmay

MBBS, MS (Orthopedic)

Orthopedics Specialist Surgeon



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Avail Best Multispeciality Hospital Services In Kota With Mewar Hospitals

Searching for a super speciality hospital in the Kota region? Want a kind of treatment that can facilitate in a better way? Even if some other questions exist in mind about getting the best multispeciality hospital in Kota, one must not forget Mewar Hospitals. Yes, we are present to treat and assist the patients in fighting with their problems and achieve recovery. With a range of medical services available from our side, we will try to solve the hardships of the patient. Our medical team will be there to let them fight with the problem.

Being a vast medical institution, stretching the services in different cities, we also choose Kota as our major spot. Though, you can search for a lot of fine hospitals in the area. After all, this city stands as the third-largest city of Rajasthan. And being a hub of educational centers, people from different parts of the country stay here. That's why a great responsibility comes on the shoulders of the medical department to look at the affairs of the locality.

Why A Super Speciality Hospital Is Necessary Near Me?

We all know about the existence of various diseases that are present in our atmosphere. Even minor negligence in a person's health can cost him adverse results in futuristic cases. However, this doesn't mean that we live our life with a burden in mind. If you feel something unlikable to health, you can wait for a day or two, especially in cough and cold. Or some common infections can stick to us for some time. But, if there is an existence of superior illness, you must not wait too long. By visiting a specialist doctor, there are chances to make ourselves protected from the happening. Because what if the condition gets miserable day-by-day! So, try to take care of all such things. If you live around the city of Kota, you can visit a super specialty hospital if something goes wrong. Because such institutions have advanced technologies and doctors from different fields. In this segment, we are also available to treat you with such things.

Available Medical Facilities

When a person close to our heart suffers from a condition. One thing that comes to our mind is to take him to a good place. If the person is tolerable to financial aspects, he will probably look for the best multispeciality hospital. Kota is a place which proves nearer to some other districts of Rajasthan. And because there are different options in the form of medical assistance, people do come and avail facilities. With different approaches in mind, Mewar Hospitals also entered as a provider of numerous services that one can obtain. A bunch of facilities is covered under our planning. From bringing general medical facilities to one of the best neurologists in Kota, we can help a person. And if we have mentioned the term neurology, let's begin with some information regarding this department.

Department of Neurology

It stands for the department of science that deals with the disorders and analysis of our nervous system. It's not about the present world, mankind is familiar with the problems of the nervous system for a longer time. But fortunately, we have physicians who can deal with such problems. So, if you want any assistance from a neurologist, connect us by the given helpline numbers. Else fix an appointment to consult our doctor for further things.

Department Of Orthopedics

Those who face musculoskeletal problems have to see an orthopedist. Now, if you aren't familiar with the term 'musculoskeletal', we will try to tell you something. People in life face different issues with their bones, joints, and even back problems. These things come under the tag of musculoskeletal issues. And an orthopedist is the person who looks after those patients who face these problems. The approach can be in the form of both surgical and non-surgical procedures depending on the case. But, if you're searching for the best orthopedic hospital in Kota, don't forget to remember us on that list. Our successful cases of different issues are treated by trusted and experienced doctors. So, we wish they will productively handle your related case as well.

Joint Replacement Surgery Kota

If you find help regarding joint replacement surgery, one of our senior doctors can help. They can deliver you the assistance for the related field. Thereafter, you can make a decision. Sometimes, a person gets trouble with some major parts of the body like knee or hip. Even conditions flow in such an aspect that people have to take help from knee and hip replacement. Not only this, but a lot of other things also come in patient's cases. If you suffer from back and neck problems, our doctors can review and treat the case. They also deliver consultation with recommendations if there is an existence of tricky orthopedic problems.

Other Related Assistance

1. When a problem approaches your foot and ankle, our doctors can present special interest in forefoot surgeries.

2. People can also visit if they face hand and wrist problems or connected disturbances.

3. The next thing is about the arthroscopy of a lower limb, knee salvage surgeries, realignment practices, ACL reconstruction/ sports injuries.

4. Those who notice problems in the shoulder and require a need for reverse or total shoulder replacement, we can help.

5. Some other things linked to knee problems include knee revision, partial or total knee replacement, or minimally invasive knee replacement.

For more detailed information, please be free to connect with our doctors via appointment. They will assist and recommend further things in a superior manner.

Department of General Surgery
A lot of things come under this sub-heading. According to the case, the doctor treats the patient. Like, if someone has trouble linked to the stomach, liver, pancreas, esophagus, small and large intestine. Even if a person suffers from problems in the gallbladder, appendix, or thyroid gland, it may treat under general surgery. Now, if we talk about our specialized doctors in this field, they offer plentiful assistance. For example, they can deal with stone surgery by laser. There is also a management of kidney stones with the help of flexible ureteroscopy. If a requirement comes regarding plastic surgery for hernia, hypospadias, hydrocele operations and meshes repairs, orchiopexy, etc., you can come here.

Other Departments
The super speciality hospital in Kota, i.e., Mewar hospitals contains much other medical support. For example, you can see the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, pathology, spine surgery, urology, and andrology. Thereafter, obstetrics, Gynaecology, anesthesiology, and intensivist are also present. With these things, you can identify the kind of options we present in front of the people. Especially being a giant unit, taking care of patients suffering from different problems is our duty.

The Ending Note
Our team and their efforts helped us for good progression in the field of medical institutions. There is probably no hesitation to enlighten ourselves as the best multispeciality hospital not only in Kota. But in different parts of the state as well. Especially when we talk about our tier-2 and tier-3 facilities, they are just phenomenal. The availability of our services may vary from center to center. So, you can verify such things by connecting to our support department.

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