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Joint Replacement Surgery, Orthopedics

23+ Years of experience in Complex Trauma Fractures, Joint Replacements, Spine Trauma, Arthoscopy, Ilizarove Surgery

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Joint Replacement Surgery, Orthopedics

21+ Years of Rich Experience in Paediatric Orthopaedics, Polio Trauma Surgery, Arthoscopy, Joint Replacements



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"Remove your worries and overcome the unpleasing condition by better treatment option"
Hospitals are places where people generally don't like to visit. They wish not to see their doors and remain healthy all the time. But, if we observe deeply, then hospitals are places where an ordinary person has to visit in case of a misfortune. After all, such institutions account for recovering the health of a person and protect numerous lives. In many cases, people don't know exactly about the kind of hospitals. Like, if we talk about a super speciality hospital in Shahdol, what can you recognize from its name? Do you have any idea about the kind of treatments and services they present to people? Well, just don't worry if you have less idea as the team of Mewar Hospital will let you aware. So, let's identify its meaning in the simplest form.

What To Know About A Super Speciality Hospital?

A person can take some ideas by its name 'super-specialty'. It means you can find both treatment and care by a specialist for the patient suffering from a particular disease. Here, if we give example from our side, you may have heard something about orthopedics. Issues related to bone and joint ailments are observed in this department. And you may have an idea of how critical the cases of bones and joints can become if left untreated. That's why people look forward either for the best doctor or search for super speciality hospitals near me. So they could achieve the best treatment and soon recover from the situation.
If you live in Shahdol, you can find the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon from Mewar Hospital. There is support in a vast number of issues related to this department. Sometimes, when a person close to our life gets unwell due to unpleasant conditions, several things come to mind. In such circumstances, they wish to acquire that treatment option through which the person could recover from illness. And if there's matter to find the best orthopedic hospital in Shahdol, we can help to lessen your worries. One of the strongest department from our hospital's side is the orthopedics. There are both specialist and super-specialist candidates belonging to this field and contain enough experience to handle several cases.

Want To Know About Assistance From Our Orthopedic Doctor?

We are mentioning some of those services that you can look at while obtaining the treatment in Shahdol.
Knee And Hip
Replacement, arthroplasty, and arthroscopic surgery
Spinal canal decompression, discectomies, spine surgeries, spinal stabilization procedures
Body Element
Cases related to Shoulder and ankle, tendon repair, nerve repair and grafting, sports medicine, and traumatology of spine and limbs.
Rotator cuff tendonitis and pubalgia and congenital bone disease management
Trauma And Surgeries
Traumatology, complicated and referred cases of polytrauma, arthroscopic ligament reconstruction surgeries, trauma, and internal fixator surgeries.
Fractures and dislocation in children as well as adults, musculoskeletal tumors, complete care for arthritis, and pediatric orthopedics.

Other Sectors

If someone wishes for the best multi speciality hospital in Shahdol, they can admire the place of Mewar Hospital. Our unit isn't only restricted to the division of orthopedics, you can also witness a wide range of other sections. We will attempt to bring some information in the mind of our readers regarding the department and available services. So, let's initiate with the division of neurosurgery first.


You can also identify this as neurological surgery. It stands for a discipline where disorders of the nervous system are diagnosed and treated. A neurologist can operate complaints regarding the brain, spine or nerves of the limbs, etc. People belonging to any age group can arrive and take help from such physicians. So, if someone is trying to search for the best neurologist in Shahdol, they can contact us. This is because we can make availability to bring the related support by our senior physician. Now, if you want to obtain some ideas regarding what our neurologist offers, have a glimpse of the services mentioned below.


Disc replacement surgery, spine stabilization, and tumor surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, surgery for complex brain and spine injury. In the segment of specialized procedures, you can see epilepsy surgery and endoscopic pituitary surgery as well.


Brain biopsy and spinal procedure through neuronavigation, surgical treatment for a brain tumor, all kinds of trauma, and polytrauma cases. Still, if you're finding a service that isn't stated, please let us know through the given resources.

General Surgery

People can expect to achieve general surgery assistance from the best multispeciality hospital in Shahdol. Our unit also contains the existence of senior physicians that are masters in dealing with general surgery issues. The assistance in this field is diverse and a wide range of options are available from our center. So, let's have a look at some of those.

General Surgical Procedures

Thyroidectomy, varicose veins/ hernia, hydrocele/ orchidectomy, anal fistula/ hemorrhoid, bariatric surgery, anal fissure, etc.

Ano-Rectal Disease Management

Stapled haemorrhoidectomy, tumors, fistula, abscesses, fissures, etc.

Other Important Treatment

Urethral surgeries like pyeloplasties and nephrectomy. Treatment for ureteric and urinary bladder stone, kidney, bladder outlet obstruction, prostate, BNR, IOU, TURBT, TURP, and PCNL, etc.

Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Apart from pregnancy-related issues, one of the doctors from Mewar's team can bring an extensive range of women care facilities. Such things include diagnostic procedures, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction/prolapse, management of abnormal uterine bleeding. There is also an availability of advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery and elective gynaecological oncology (cancer) surgery.

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Just like other departments, you can have a look at a lot of facilities belonging to oral and maxillofacial surgery. Our expert surgeon can deal with many procedures such as facial trauma, jaw fractures, oral pathology, TMJ disorders, etc. He can also deal with a wide range of dentistry-based cases like cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, conservative dentistry, etc. Consequently, people can see some surgical procedures as well. And the doctor can also help in disease finding, diagnosis, and treatment plan. So, make sure to memorize us if you feel the necessity to consult in this department.

Other Departments

The list doesn't end up here in our covering sections. We have something more to tell as the department of pathology, anaesthesiologist and intensivist are also there to discover. They are dedicated to providing care for the patient in different terms.

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Crossing more than a lakh of population, there is a need for super speciality hospitals in Shahdol. Mewar Hospital has opted for this city along with the rest three in the Madhya Pradesh region. And there is an attempt to bring some fine services so people could hire them efficiently. Though you may find some expert professionals in a particular department from other branches. Still, if there comes a need, we can administer to let our patients in touch with them. Make sure to take proper health as prevention proves to be better than cure. Also, try to inspect the health of your family members and if something goes wrong, take them towards medical backing.
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