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Get Assistance of Super Speciality Hospital In Ujjain By Mewar Hospitals

"Let's fight with the disease together and advance for a healthier life".
Health issues are one of the common appearances that everyone can face. Sometimes, people with severe diseases maintain a positive approach in their mind and overcome the problems. While people with general health issues adopt a threat in mind about something false. However, we all need to be aware if something unpleasant occurs inside the body. And if the condition looks out of control, one straight path to adopt is visiting a hospital. Like, there are several multi speciality hospitals in the Ujjain side from where people can take help. And Mewar Hospital has also managed to develop its branch here to benefit the people of this side. In this section, we will keep your attention towards some information regarding our medical services. So, let's begin by taking an idea of the city whose center will be our major point of attraction.

Mewar Hospital In Ujjain

The team of Mewar Hospitals has successfully managed to locate its branches in numerous cities of Rajasthan. And regarding Madhya Pradesh state, you can see our presence in four different places. Out of which, Ujjain is considered as one of the prime units. As it stands as the fifth-largest city of its state in terms of population. Although, you can find a number of the best multi speciality hospital in Ujjain. But, the presence of our branch also contributes to a positive approach in this sector. We are here to bring one of the fine facilities that one can avail of as medical support. Talking about the overall standings of our medical authority, we have the presence of specialist doctors in different departments. In the lower segment, we will try to convey some valuable information about our offered services. So, let's begin firstly by the orthopedic department.

Section of Orthopedics

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Mewar Hospital is a giant group specifically if we talk about the department of orthopedics. We have specialized candidates not only by numbers but are also serving their facilities with experience. They deal with plentiful cases linked to this section. Like, it can be related to the replacement of the hip or knee. Or if there is a problem in the back and neck, they can review and treat such problems. People may arrive at hospitals for joint replacement or spine surgery. For that, you don't have to worry as our doctors can handle these cases finely. Even if you want a consultation, they can be available to advise on complicated orthopedic problems. To find out more about our doctors, you can have a look at our website. Else you can reach us through the mentioned contact numbers for further help.

Section of Neurology

Who Is The Best Neurologist In Ujjain?
If someone has the same question in mind, they can also have a look at our neurologist. Mewar Hospitals has the existence of a senior consultant from the field of neurosurgery. If you want to know something about this category. Then you can understand it as a branch of medical science where cases associated with the nervous system are solved. Regarding neurosurgery, one of our doctors can cover various complicated cases you can see below.
Head Injury

Brain Injury

Spine Surgery

Neuro Critical Care

Neuro Rehabilitation

Even there are some specialized procedures to see like epilepsy surgery, endoscopic pituitary and spine surgery, aneurysm clipping, etc. They can also manage in brain biopsy and spinal procedure by neuronavigation. So, if you require any related assistance, we stand for you as an option.

Section Of Anaesthesiology And Intensivist

You may have heard about anaesthesia which is provided to the patient for relieving pain. Mewar Hospital also has the department of Anaesthesiology where well-equipped facilities are available under experienced anaesthetist. According to the case and the patient's condition, the doctor may prescribe to supply sedation and anaesthesia. We provide related care in operation theaters for all types of diagnostic, surgical, and therapeutic practices according to requirements.
On the other side, being an intensivist means dedicating the services towards intensive care. The related professional contains a great responsibility on their shoulders. As they have to deal with the cases in which patients are supposed to be very sick.

Section Of General Surgery

Our division brings a high-quality series of surgical services for the wellbeing of patients. You can find analytical and operational treatment for tumors and cysts of glands. For example, it can be thyroid and parathyroid, salivary, adrenal, tumors of breast, abdomen, and lipomas. Even there is a wide range of services available like open and laparoscopic surgery for the entire hernia kinds. You can also see treatment based on anorectal diseases, kidney, ureteric and urinary bladder stone, etc. After that, our doctor can also treat conditions like mastectomy (breast surgeries), varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and anal fissure, etc. Even if someone wants any other assistance of general surgery apart from the given services, they can ask freely.

Section Of Pathology

Many of you have heard the term pathology but wouldn't be completely aware of what they do. In general words, a pathologist is a person who can execute the study and diagnosis of disease by some examination. And that examination can be of surgically removed organs, a biopsy sample, or body fluids, etc. Fortunately, we have a range of pathology services one can identify. For example, there is renal, surgical, clinical, general, pulmonary, and genitourinary pathology to see from our side. Additionally, you can see hematopathology, cytopathology, and dermatopathology as well.

Urology And Andrology

Urology is a branch in which the expert professional treats cases of both the genders. The kinds of cases that a urologist can handle are urinary problems and male reproductive problems. Whereas, an andrologist is a person who is trained specifically to look after the cases of male reproductive problems. From our side, you can get the services of laparoscopic urology, advanced endourology, uro-oncology, and reconstructive urology.
They are also specialized in laser treatment for prostate enlargement and delivers treatment for stricture urethra diseases and urolithiasis. Even, a lot of other things are also there to see like stone surgery by laser. To know more about their dealings, you can come and meet the expert doctors.

Rest Available Sections

We have covered various departments and told some related information. Still, there are some other branches like obstetrics, gynaecology,, and oral & maxillofacial surgery which are available. So, if you want to take the mentioned assistance, we hope to serve our facilities in your favor.

Concluding Note

A person who lives in Ujjain can say that a lot of super speciality hospitals near me are present. But, if you know a medical institution and become aware of its facilities. Then you can put your trust in their side. Like, after reading information about Mewar Hospitals, you would have taken an idea about our dealings. One of our specialties is that we haven't been limited to a particular branch. Instead, we made efforts. And today, you can look around 8-10 special zones of the medical department where we offer services. On an ending note, kindly keep strict eyes on your health and make yourself fit.

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