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    Need Assistance From A Neurosurgeon In Ajmer? Visit Mewar Hospitals

    Need Assistance From A Neurosurgeon In Ajmer? Visit Mewar Hospitals

    Neurology refers to a branch of medical science that is concerned with diagnosing and treating problems of the nervous system. Our nervous system is one of the important and complicated systems that are responsible for controlling and coordinating different activities. A lot of people suffer from neurological disorders. That's why; they have to consult a neurologist in Ajmer. If you're also looking forward to the same, we suggest visiting Mewar Hospitals. Here, we have the presence of a fine neurosurgeon that will help you in different cases.

    Working of A Neurologist

    A neurologist is a medical expert specialized to diagnose, treat, and manage disorders of the nervous system and brain. He is supposed to be a highly trained candidate that can diagnose a lot of complex conditions through different approaches. He needs to look at a lot of aspects to find out what's troubling the patient. The process of diagnosing involves several approaches. For example, viewing the patient's history, taking his physical examination that also contains testing verbal communication, vision, mental status, strength, coordination, and sensation, etc.

    He may also recommend some tests to complete his evaluation process. Such tests can be computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nerve conduction studies and electromyography (NCS/EMG), electroencephalography (EEG), or lumbar puncture (LP) for cerebral spinal fluid analysis.

    What Services Does Our Neurosurgeon Offer?

    If you're suffering from any kind of neurosurgical problem, kindly visit Mewar Hospitals. Our brain surgeon will try to assist you in different scenarios and guide you for a better treatment option. In the given section, we are listing some problems commonly faced by many people and are known to be the field of expertise of our neurosurgeon.

    1. Head Injuries

    An injury to the head can take place in the scalp, skull, or brain. For example, if a person undergoes concussions, scalp wounds, or skull fractures, they will be counted as head injuries. A head injury can take place in two forms, either open or closed. An open or penetrating injury refers to a condition in which a person is being hit by an object that breaks his skull and enters the brain. While a closed head injury stands for a hard blow to the head. But, in that case, the object didn't break the skull. The reason behind such problems can be motor vehicle crashes, falls, acts of violence, or child abuse. It can even occur during sports-related activities. A head injury is supposed to be an emergency-related event. That's why; a person must not wait to see a brain surgeon in Ajmer.

    2. Brain And Spine Tumors

    Different kinds of tumors can take place in the body. Tumors that initiate in the brain or spinal cord are known to be primary brain or spinal cord tumors. And those which initiate in some other parts of the body then spread to the brain or spinal cord are regarded as metastatic or secondary brain or spinal cord tumors. Such conditions are supposed to be critical and require a hand of perfection for the treatment. Therefore, you can take assistance from our brain specialist in Ajmer for brain and spine-related tumors.

    3. Spinal Injuries

    Damage to any part of the spinal cord is known to be a spinal injury. A non-traumatic spinal cord injury can be due to conditions like arthritis, inflammation, cancer, or infection, etc. This kind of event is supposed to be an extremely serious kind of physical trauma. The spinal cord has great importance in the well-being of our lives. If it suffers from a problem, there can be a presence of lasting and significant impact in daily life. That's why; a person needs to be attentive if he suspects something wrong with the spinal cord. You can talk to our neurologist in Ajmer about spinal injuries.

    4. Seizures

    A seizure proves to be an uncontrolled and sudden electrical trouble in the brain. This condition can lead to behavioral changes or changes in feelings and movement. Different kinds of seizures are there to observe based on their severity and symptoms. Such kinds of occurrences can take place after a closed head injury, stroke, illness, or some kind of infection. Kindly take help from our brain surgeon in Ajmer if there's a complaint regarding seizures.

    5. Brain Hemorrhage

    You can identify this condition as bleeding in or around the brain. A brain hemorrhage is a kind of stroke and may occur due to different causes. There are a total of three membrane layers in the brain, i.e., the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater. The bleeding can take place anywhere between these three membranes. Along with that, two kinds of brain bleed can happen inside the brain tissue-intracerebral hemorrhage and intraventricular hemorrhage. A brain hemorrhage proves to be a serious condition. Therefore, you need to look at the best hospital for brain surgery in Ajmer for its treatment.

    6. Pediatric Neurosurgery

    Our neurologist in Ajmer can also handle the cases of neurological problems present inside children. The term pediatric in medical science is used for diagnosing and treating the cases of children from newborn to adolescent period.

    7. Epilepsy Surgery

    You must have read about the seizure in the upper section. Epilepsy surgery is used to eliminate the part of the brain where the seizure occurred. This kind of surgery proves to be useful especially when the seizure occurred in a single location of the brain. In many cases, seizures can't be controlled with the help of medicines. At that time, the neurosurgeon can guide for epilepsy surgery. With the help of this surgical procedure, there can be control over the seizures and ultimately it leads to improving the quality of life. You can take assistance from our best neurosurgeon in Ajmer regarding epilepsy surgery.

    8. Chronic Or Severe Headaches

    If a person is suffering from migraine headaches, he should consult our brain specialist in Ajmer. You must not wait to consult him especially when the condition is supposed to be severe and earlier treatment can prove to be effective.

    9. Slip Disc Problems

    A slipped or herniated disc can lead to pain and discomfort. This condition can take place anywhere in the spine, ranging from the neck to the lower back. It can be due to numerous reasons like age, being overweight, having weak muscles, a sedentary lifestyle, or lifting heavy objects. If a severe slipped disc is left untreated, there can be permanent nerve damage. It can also contribute to bringing some other complications. Consequently, timely treatment becomes essential. The treatment option will be based on the level of discomfort along with how far the disc has been moved from its place. The neurosurgeon in Ajmer can take help from conservative or surgical options for the treatment of slipped disc.

    10. Other Assistance

    Even if you need assistance regarding cervical pain, spondylosis, endoscopic spine surgery, multiple sclerosis treatment, critical care, deep brain stimulation, trigeminal neuralgia, or stroke paralysis management, you can talk to our neurologist.

    The Ending Message
    Mewar Hospitals is one of the best hospitals for brain surgery in Ajmer. Our professional and expert surgeon in this city is dedicated to serving you with a wide range of surgical and non-surgical facilities. You can visit here for neurological-based problems and we will try to assist you in such affairs. Even if you want to know more details, kindly call our team or get assistance from online chat support.

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