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    Get Facilities From One of The Best Neurosurgeons In Kota By Mewar Hospitals

    Get Facilities From One of The Best Neurosurgeons In Kota By Mewar Hospitals

    Kota, a popular city of Rajasthan has tremendous medical facilities from various hospitals. Mewar Hospitals is also here with different treatment facilities like neurosurgery. For those who don't know, this department is dedicated to dealing with the disorders leading to the nervous system. Many people require help from a neurologist in Kota due to several issues. In such cases, you can visit our hospital to obtain the treatment facilities. When someone experiences a problem with the brain, nerves, or spinal cord, they consult a neurologist. Such professionals have a typical job role because they have to treat one of the most complicated places of our body, i.e., the brain, the spine.

    Services Available From Mewar Hospitals

    Our neurosurgeon in Kota can support the patients in different aspects. Whether we talk about head injury, brain surgery, spine surgery, or other related things, he can perform a wide range of treatments. Some of them have been mentioned below.

    1. Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    It refers to a minimally invasive surgery that comes in use to treat a wide range of conditions. For example, back pain, leg pain, bulging discs, bone spurs, herniated discs, facet joint disease, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, numbness, or weakness. In this procedure, the neurosurgeon in Kota makes an incision of less than 1 inch. Then, a tube is inserted into the spine along with a small high-definition camera. With its help, the surgeon observes the anatomy of the spine. It proves to be a very good option as there is minimum damage to the skin, ligaments, muscles, and bone. Additionally, it delivers some other benefits.

    2. Aneurysm Clipping

    It stands as a surgical procedure to treat an aneurysm. You can understand an aneurysm as a balloon-like bulge of an artery wall. The surgery is performed in some steps. For example, the surgeon opens up the skull of the patient. Then he finds out the affected artery. In the end, he places a metal clip over the aneurysm's neck. To obtain better information about aneurysm clipping, you can talk to our brain surgeon in Kota.

    3. Brain Biopsy & Spinal Procedure By Neuronavigation

    There has been a development of Neuronavigation systems for image-guided neurosurgery that helps in the precise resection of brain tumors. It delivers an intraoperative orientation to the surgeon that supports in preparing an accurate surgical practice for the targeted lesion. You can identify Neuronavigation as a standard procedure in the department of neurosurgery. Apart from brain biopsy, you can also identify the role of Neuronavigation in spinal procedures. Modifications in image-guidance skills and minimal access methods have come together on spinal pathology. With its help, the patients can experience safe and precise surgeries exclusive of the linked morbidities of conventional approaches.

    Some Key Procedures

    1. Awake Craniotomy

    Also regarded as awake brain surgery, it is executed on the brain when the patient is awake or attentive. It proves to be an important brain surgery for the treatment of some neurological conditions. Like, it is a vital technique for reducing damage to the eloquent cortex while removing the lesion. If someone experiences a tumor close to the brain parts that operate critical functions like language, speech, or movement. Then, applying this kind of surgery is a good option to identify and securely protect such abilities.

    2. Gliomas

    Glioma stands as a type of tumor that takes place in the spinal cord and brain. It comes from glial cells that enclose the nerve cells and assist them to function. There are different kinds of gliomas like ependymomas, astrocytoma's, and oligodendrogliomas. If someone has been diagnosed with gliomas, different options are available for the treatment. Based on the condition, our neurologist in Kota may take help from surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy, etc.

    3. Peripheral Nerve Injury

    Our peripheral nervous system is a system of 43 pairs of sensory and motor nerves. This system links the central nervous system to the entire body. Sometimes, there can be a presence of peripheral nerve injuries that requires medical attention. They can be due to diabetes, autoimmune disease, compression, tumors, and trauma, etc. Even there are some other causes behind this condition. There are different degrees of peripheral nerve injuries to see.

    Treatment will be based on the location and degree of nerve damage. Mild nerve injuries may be solved with non-surgical approaches, but severe injuries require surgical treatment options.

    4. Pituitary Tumor Surgery

    Pituitary tumors are referred to as abnormal growths that occur in the pituitary gland. Such kind of tumors, in some cases, take place due to excessive hormones that control vital functions of the body. Most of them are non-cancerous. To diagnose such tumors, our brain surgeon in Kota can take help from some measures. According to the condition, he may recommend a surgical practice.

    5. Skull Base Tumors

    These kinds of tumors mainly grow inside the skull. However, they can take place outside in some cases. Skull base tumors are categorized by their kind and place within the skull base. Some of the main regions where they can occur are:

    * Anterior compartment of the skull base
    * Central compartment of the skull base
    * Posterior compartment of the skull base

    Such kinds of tumors can be diagnosed with MRI, PET, CT scan, bone scan, or endoscopy. Regarding treatment options, several approaches are there to treat skull base brain tumors. Especially regarding the surgical procedure, it will be based on the tumor's size, location, and its impact on the patient.

    6. Spine Surgeries

    Our neurosurgeon in Kota is here to deliver different kinds of spine surgeries. For example, laminectomy, Laminoplasty, disc replacement surgery, spine stabilization surgery, spine tumor surgery, Microdiscectomies, Vertebroplasty, or Kyphoplasty. So, you can remember the name of Mewar Hospitals whenever there is a complaint regarding spine or other neurological issues.

    7. Surgery For Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Trigeminal Neuralgia is defined as a chronic pain condition by which the trigeminal nerve is affected. Our trigeminal nerve brings sensation from the face to the brain. It is likely to occur in people over 50. As compared to men, women have more chances to affect with trigeminal neuralgia. A person can experience pain in the lower face and jaw. In some cases, it can affect the part around the nose and over the eye.

    Attacks of trigeminal neuralgia can be done by washing, shaving, talking, smiling, touching the skin lightly, or applying makeup, etc. There are some effective options to ease the pain that contain different kinds of medications. If medications don't work positively, there can be a recommendation of surgery.

    8. Brain Surgery For Acoustic Tumors

    Our brain specialist in Kota is here to support you in conditions like an acoustic neuroma. It is determined as a non-cancerous and normally slow-growing tumor that grows in the main nerve called the vestibular nerve. This nerve connects the inner ear to the brain. It is also regarded as vestibular schwannomas or neurilemmoma. If these kinds of tumors become large in such a way that they press on the cerebellum or brain stem, they can prove to be life-threatening.

    Just because they are slow-growing and non-cancerous, instant treatment may not prove to be essential. But, if the tumor has grown larger and is causing severe symptoms, there can be a need to implement surgery. The surgical procedure will involve eliminating the entire tumor or its part. Sometimes, there can be a need for radiation therapy.

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