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Hip Replacement surgery cost India

What Is The Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery In India?

“Get Low-Cost Hip Replacement Surgery From Mewar Hospitals”.

Presently we are watching different sorts of diseases and health problems inside people. In many cases, a person has to suffer badly due to the feeling of pain. One of the examples that we can link is the issue of hips. Sometimes, the condition gets so worse that a person has to adopt the hip replacement surgery. You can see many hospitals in India like Mewar Hospital who convey such services for people. But, one clear thing that can strike in anybody’s mind is about its expenditure. And probably numerous people will be in favor of achieving positive outcomes on low cost hip replacement surgery.

Before moving towards a chief aspect related to this surgical procedure, i.e., cost of hip replacement surgery. We are presenting some details pointwise to make you aware of the related information. So firstly, let’s initiate by knowing the term of partial and total hip replacement.

Understanding Partial Hip Replacement Surgery

Sometimes, according to the case, doctors may recommend the patient for partial hip replacement surgery. The major reason for proposing this kind of surgery is only when the femur head gets wrecked or destroyed. Here, physicians attempt not to disturb the hip socket. This procedure follows removing and replacing the ball of the hip joint. The patient may have to undergo some activities according to the doctor’s direction. Regarding treatment expenses, you can achieve a variation among partial hip replacement prices as compared to the total replacement surgery. Even, there can be a variation regarding the method to execute it.

About Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Also known as hip arthoplasty, it stands for an ordinary orthopedic practice from which thousands of patients take help. Here, the substitution of the injured hip joint takes place with a prosthetic joint of metal or plastic stuff. One of the prime reasons for accomplishing total hip replacement surgery is to lessen down the pain and debilitation.

These things can happen due to various reasons which are as follows:
Congenital Deformities
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Other Hip-Based Difficulties
You will obtain some more information about the causes behind hip pain in the lower segment.

Other Kinds

Alongside these two kinds of surgeries, you can also get the support of some other procedures from a specialist. For example, there is hip resurfacing or revision hip replacement. Even in this advanced world, you can see the presence of hospitals that provide robotic hip replacement surgery as well.
So, if you’re looking forward to knowing about the price of hip replacement, Mewar Hospital can assist. The next sub-heading will give you some ideas about the spending of this surgical treatment. We have a remarkable team of orthopedic surgeons who can precisely perform such kind of operations. So, kindly deliver a chance to our orthopedic department for optimistic outcomes.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost In India

Now, moving up to the important note, that is about hip replacement treatment cost. Before moving to explain the cost, you need to be aware that the cost can vary according to the conditions. Like, several medical institutions charge a bit higher than rest departments. Also, a fluctuation may appear city wise, according to the diagnosis and condition of the patient. Even there can be a variation of rates according to the choice of implant. So, you need to be aware of such things. And if you want better assistance in getting an idea about all the things. Then, we welcome you to adopt the services of Mewar Hospital where you can find low cost hip replacement surgery. Especially if we compare the prices of India with some abroad nations, you can find a lot of difference.

Hip Replacement Surgery In India As A Better Option

Hip replacement surgery cost in India is far cheaper than obtaining the same from regions like the US or UK. Let’s have a look at the cost of hip replacement surgery from Mewar Hospital.

Surgery Cost (INR)
Partial Hip Replacement   1,50,000-1,75,000/-
Total Hip Replacement 2,25,000-2,50,000/-
Hip Revision Surgery According To The Case


However, as we said that you can find a variation due to different factors. But, you can estimate the operating hip replacement price from it. India is a place known to be the hub of orthopedic doctors. Not only about the local citizens, but people from several parts of the world also arrive here for such assistance. This is due to several reasons like they find a better treatment facility as compared to their locality. And secondly, as we said that the hip transplant cost is cheaper in our country. So people manage their expenses well and avail good treatment options by saving enough money.

Related Information About Hip Pain


Many people have a complaint regarding pain in hips, especially those who are elder. Different reasons come into charge for this kind of situation. Like, if there’s a trouble with the ligaments, tendons, or surrounding muscles, it may affect the lower back and hipbone. If someone has injuries like inguinal hernia, bursitis, tendinitis, or hip labral tear, there can be an experience of pain. Even when someone faces bone cancer, leukemia, several kinds of arthritis, sciatica, or osteoporosis, they may suffer from this problem.

Benefits of Achieving Hip Replacement Surgery

The success rate of hip replacement surgeries is higher to a great extent in the first 10 years. Even they can remain successful in a higher percentage for around 20 years. Though you may find risk in various treatment options including this one as well. But, it is said that surgeries belonging to the replacement of hips are safer. A person who faces trouble related to one of its body parts can achieve an improved quality of life. It also assists in augmenting the motility and day-to-day functioning due to the absence of pain.

Candidates For Total Hip Replacement

Although, the cost of hip replacement surgery in India is very cheaper than other regions as we said before. Still, there would have been many people belonging to middle-class categories who find it difficult to manage the required outlays. That’s why a person who faces chronic hip pain doesn’t mean that surgery is the only option left. In fact, a sensible doctor will consider replacement only when other treatment options don’t work. For example, if the problem of pain doesn’t resolve with medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications, surgery may be advised.

Procedure Of Hip Replacement Surgery

Before the surgery to take place, the doctor will take help from anaesthesia. This activity will put the patient to sleep. His muscles will relax entirely and pain will be absent. Thereafter, the physician will initiate the work by making a cut along the hips side. The muscles will then moved which are linked to the hipbone. With its help, the hip joint will be exposed and the hip ball will be eliminated. Consequently, there will be an installation of an artificial joint in the place of that hip ball. Then, the practitioner will connect it with the thigh bone. With the help of such procedures, the hip bone gets ready to attach with the artificial socket. Then, the artificial bone will connect to the hip socket and in the end, the doctor will close the incision.
However, you also need to know one thing here. Just like the price of hip replacement, you can also find a change in the procedure. Some doctors try to implement minimally invasive procedures, while some may take help from the traditional method. That’s why you can ask the doctor about the procedure before surgery.

Post Surgical Things

A person will have to stay in the hospital for a day, two, or even more, according to the situation. The recovery time will depend on the condition of the patient. And there are multiple things on which it is based. Like, his overall health, the kind of surgery, and its success. Along with that, the patient needs to be dedicated to the guidelines that his doctor prescribed. Just because all such things can assist to promote a speedy recovery.

Precautions You Need To Do Before Hip Replacement Surgery

Being a vital surgical treatment, you’ll have to focus on some major aspects. However, the doctor will be there to guide you in a proper approach. Still, he will recommend some mutual suggestions before the surgery date like exercising to promote health. Or he may recommend some activities like quit smoking, weight-balancing, a dental examination, or a general physical examination. Even the orthopedic doctor may recommend stopping some prescribed medications during the surgical period.

Why Mewar Hospital For Hip Replacement Surgery?

You can identify several best hospitals regarding hip replacement surgery in India. But when we mention something about Mewar Hospital, a person can keep eyes towards our services. As compared to many renowned institutions, you can see a low cost hip replacement facility from us. And the thing isn’t only about the expenses, our specialized doctors can deliver superior treatment services.


It becomes a difficult time when someone is recommended for surgery especially regarding the hips. And the person has to think on many notes including hip replacement treatment cost. But, if you have decided to occupy the surgery, we consider visiting our center. There, you can consult our specialist doctor to find further approaches. Consequently, you can clear the doubts linked to the surgery.

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Knee surgery treatment surgery cost

Avail Knee Replacement Surgery Treatment In India From Mewar Hospitals

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Avail Knee Replacement Surgery Treatment In India From Mewar Hospitals
Disturbed with your knee health? Want to prefer suitable treatment for it? Searching for a place where you can get a low-cost knee replacement? We offer you to arrive at Mewar hospital where you can get several assistances. Check out useful information and know something about the knee replacement surgery cost.

We all are blessed with the life of a human being where our body helps us to work. Different body parts help us until the last breath of a person. Sometimes, a person may face problems somewhere inside the body. And that can be related to the knees. The knees are supposed to be one of the largest and most complex joints inside us. When trouble rises to serious context, doctors may recommend the patient to advance for a surgery. And that surgery can appear in the form of replacing the knees with others. If you want to know about this topic and price of knee replacement, continue reading this blog till the end.

We are attempting to bring some FAQs related to this topic. This activity may help our readers to engage and understand better.

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

According to reports, this kind of surgery was first performed in the year 1968, around 50 years ago. After that, a lot of implementations were made as the world appeared in the technological zone. Now, you can see a lot of enhancement in the technology and materials used.

A knee replacement is a term for a surgical practice that is used during knee damage. Doctors recommend this to patients needing knee to resurface. You can also identify this term as knee arthoplasty or total knee replacement procedure. Here, the unwell knee joint is replaced with synthetic material. Doctors may use plastic or metal parts in this surgical procedure.

Why Knee Health Is Important To Us?

Even if you want to walk smoothly, run somewhere, or squat, you’ll require the support of knees. A pair of knees is considered one of the vital aspects of our body. That’s why we need to keep them healthy. The femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) are joined by the knee. Two other bones that run next to the tibia (fibula) and the kneecap (patella) craft the knee joint. But, because they have the involvement of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscles, there are chances for an injury. The pain in the knees takes place when the cartilage wears out. The work of cartilage is to coat and operate as a cushion inside the joint.

When we take even a single step, pressure comes to our knees. When the cartilage misses out to its work, our bones rub against each other inside. As a result, there can be a feeling of stiffness, pain, and swelling.

What Factors Affect Knee Health?


It stands for a condition where inflammation of the joints is present. The number goes over 100 if we talk about the types of arthritis. But, one of the most common kinds that you can see in this section is osteoarthritis. It is distinguished by the collapse of joint cartilage. If someone faces damage in the cartilage and the bones react to limit the movement, pain can arise. Apart from osteoarthritis, there are some other known types to see as well. For example, there is rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, gout, and pseudogout, etc.


There are some injuries related to the knee that may take place and affect its health. For example, a fracture in the knee bone due to an accident which encourages pain. The next thing is irritation and swelling in one or multiple tendons. They stand for broad and tough tissues that attach muscle to bones. This activity is known as tendinitis.
Even some other injuries like knee bursitis, patellar tendinitis, torn meniscus, or ACL injury may account for knee health. If someone is suffering from hip or foot pain, this problem may also link to ache in the knees.

What Happens In A Total Knee Replacement – TKR ?

Here, we want to tell you one thing that the procedure of treatment may vary according to the condition. But, what happens in usual scenarios is that the end of the femur bone gets removed. After that, a shell made from stuff (possibly metal) takes place as a replacement. Doctors also remove the tibia and replace it with a plastic piece with a metal stem. Depending on the case, the physician may also recommend having some other executions for a better approach.

Why Knee Replacement Surgery Is Needed?

One of the main objectives behind recommending this kind of surgery is to resurface damaged knee joint parts. With its help, the patient comes out from a state of pain that can’t go away with other treatments. That’s why, if you’re also looking for the same. And want to know about the knee replacement surgery cost in India, kindly contact us for detailed information.

What Is The Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery?

This is one of those questions in which people keep their eyes on. There are numerous factors on which the price of knee replacement depends. This is obvious that you can’t find the same knee replacement treatment cost in every hospital. Factors are primarily based on the nature of the hospital that in what way they’re delivering the services. A medical institution that delivers one of the best knee replacement surgery will charge according to its level. Because they have the presence of those doctors who deal with the tag of perfection in this surgery. Some other things like advanced facilities and equipment used in the procedure also affect the expenditure.

For a minute, if we focus on the term ‘knee replacement’, it looks a bit dreadful. Just because it proves to be a big deal for many people. But, just because it supplies relief to the patient’s body, they have to think as an option. Remember, there can be few risks when undergoing such kind of surgeries. That’s why we recommend you to prefer those places where professional practitioners take charge of your case. For that, Mewar hospitals is there to bring you fine services for this kind of support. Even for once, if someone leaves the concern regarding knee transplant cost. They should also think about the knee health that is rebuilding with the help of the operation. And if you don’t want to put such affairs in life, the below section can help in some manner.

Ways To Improve Knee Health

Remember, the problem of knee health can affect people of all ages. That’s why you must not keep its concern on a lighter note even if you’re young. Though, someone may face minor knee pain that can go away with some self-care measures. But, if your knee is giving some serious indications, they might require surgical support.
Regarding how to improve your knee health, we are displaying some suggestions that can help positively. So, let’s have a look at those aspects.


This sub-heading means a lot to contribute a healthy life for a person. Even in the reference of knee health, we are prioritizing the term ‘exercise’. By indulging in different postures, one can manage to keep their knees healthy. Some exercises including squat, lunges, core-strengthen training, cycling, aerobics or strength training, etc. can productively help. Remember to consult a physician or a professional person about the dos and don’ts of exercises according to your condition.

Weight Balancing

This is yet another important thing to consider. If you remain on average weight, it’ll be considered as fine. But, when your body contains the excessive weight, it will create pressure on the knees. Ultimately, they will have to suffer. That’s why keep yourself fit and this activity will keep your knees fit.

Strengthening Of Knee-Supportive Muscles

As you read about exercising, make sure that you also focus on expanding strong thigh muscles. If you work out in a gym, consult your trainer to train your hamstrings, abductors, or quadriceps. Strengthening these parts will not only cost good to the overall body but will also reduce knee stress.

Make Yourself Active

It is important to make an eye on your posture. If you continue living in a poor posture, it will make an impact on the body’s center of gravity. As a result, it will make stress on both hips and knees. That’s why try to stand straight in a good posture. Also, manage to deal with some physical activities that will help avoid stiffness and muscle weakness.


As we said previously that if you feel any assistance regarding the price of knee replacement surgery, please contact us. If you feel there’s something to ask from us, please don’t hesitate. It will be better if someone clears up the section of queries before moving forward to the procedure. We have grown with a positive approach and stretching ourselves in different directions (treatment options). So, if anything strikes in the mind where we can respond well, kindly remember us.

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spine surgery cost | spin surgery cost in India

Identify Spine Surgery Cost In India at Mewar Hospital

Spine Surgery Cost

The human body contains numerous parts where we can relate the spine as the crucial one. It stands as the medium of our body’s central support. With its help, various elements of our body are connected. It is separated into our neck, thoracic, and lumbar section. Some connecting parts are the chest, head, shoulders, arms, pelvis, and legs. However you can identify the spine as a group of bones, but it remains flexible because of elastic ligaments and spinal disks.

Being one of the crucial assets in our body, there may be a presence of some problems inside it. In the end, a person may have to deal with surgical procedures to get rid of the difficulty. If someone wants to have this kind of treatment, some questions can put up in their mind. One of the major questions that can you can see in common is about the spine surgery cost in India. However, it may vary from center to center and place to place. But, a person would probably want to have this important treatment from a reputed place. Especially the one where doctors are up to the mark and contain a healthy experience to deal with such tasks.

That’s why we present you spine surgery treatment service in Mewar Hospitals. We have a strong team of doctors who are specialized in handling cases linked to the spine. We know how it matters for a person to know about the spine surgery treatment cost. Especially when someone faces financial difficulties. But, if there’s a need to execute the treatment, people can contact us. Before describing more about our medical institution and its services, let’s obtain some more useful information about the spine.

Details About Spine Surgery

There are a total of 33 individual bones loaded on the peak of the other. Talking about the adult spine, there is an understandable S-shaped curve to see. The areas of the low back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) portions contain a minor concave curve. Whereas, the sacral and thoracic parts hold a mild convex curve. With their help, our body can uphold the balance, absorb shock, and permit various motion all through the spinal column. Regarding vertebrae, they are numbered and separated into five different regions, namely cervical, lumbar, thoracic, coccyx, and sacrum. Here, the movement will be done by the top 24 bones. While the sacrum and coccyx will keep on the fuse.

You can identify how the wellbeing of our spine is necessary. Still, if you face some issues and want to consider low-cost spine surgery, you can contact us.


Let’s know about the major regions of our spine.

  • Cervical

It proves to be the highest part of the spine, i.e., the neck. There is a presence of 7 vertebrae from top to bottom and are numbered C1 to C7. Here, our viewers need to know that the chief purpose of our cervical spine is supporting the head’s weight. The first two pairs of cervical vertebra, i.e., C1 and C2 have major workings. C1, also named as atlas is there to support the skull. On the other side, C2 which is named as axis permits the skull and atlas to rotate left and right.

  • Thoracic

This is the mid-back portion that contains a total of 12 vertebrae ranging from T1 to T12. Here, you can identify the key function of this spine as holding the rib cage. Additionally, it safeguards our heart and lungs as well. The curve of this segment bends apparent like a rearward ‘C ‘. Talking about this spine’s motion, it proves to be limited.

  • Lumbar

You may have heard about this term in some cases. It stands as the lower back portion. This is one of the productive spines as it helps to tolerate the body’s weight. You can see 5 vertebrae that come under it as L1-L5. These vertebrae stand as even bigger and stronger as compared to the above 12 vertebrae. The upper body weight comes down on the lumbar by which some back problems can arise in this area. That’s why, if you feel to occupy its treatment, firstly know about the price of spine surgery. For that, you can visit our hospital to know the exact details.

  • Sacral

It contains a specific bone in the adult skeleton called the sacrum. And is figured by the combination of five smaller vertebrae at the time of adolescence. The shape of the sacrum bone is flat and triangular that you can identify in the lower back. And is hold between the two hip bones.

  • Coccygeal

The coccyx, often termed as the human tailbone delivers an attachment to ligaments and muscles of the pelvic level. It is helpful to bear the bodyweight of a person at the time of sitting.

Our Specialized Doctors

While many people would think about the price of spine surgery, many would desire to have an experienced doctor as a priority. So, he could execute the treatment well and the patient gets relief from the problem. Mewar Group of Hospitals has a strong team of doctors who deal in cases related to spine surgery. For example, if someone wants to have spine stabilization surgery, spine tumor surgery, laminectomies, and laminoplasty, Joint Replacement surgery can visit here. You need to be cautious if there is continuous pain, disability, or uneasiness regarding the spine. Because this may be the time where something unpleasant goes inside.

What Spine Surgery Cost Can I Expect in India?

If you want to know the exact price of spine surgery, there will be different things to count. It is not mandatory that you’ll get the same price everywhere. Based on the location, type of treatment, and services given by the medical authority, you will get the exact cost. Still, if someone is moving with a deliberate budget and looking for low-cost spine surgery. Then, they are welcome at Mewar Hospital where they can talk to our doctors via appointment. According to what they prescribe, the hospital staff will identify the exact cost which will come in front of you.

But, apart from all such things, make sure that you don’t repeat the proverb of ‘ax on foot’. Which means don’t wait for the condition to get worse or till the condition where surgery is required. Instead, if a problem is suspected in the early days, we can probably save ourselves from surgery and extra costs.

How To Keep Your Spine Healthy?

To live an active life, the health of the spine is very crucial. Sometimes, its health may affect due to our doings. Though, some things are supposed to be natural. Like, as we age, there can be an experience of elevated aches and joint inflexibility. But, if we indulge in some good exercise habits, we can save ourselves from different unpleasing scenarios. For that, we are mentioning some points that may become productive in your daily lives.

  1. Try to avoid sedentary lifestyle habits. While sitting on a pc screen, make proper adjustments to the chair so your back keeps straight.
  2. It will be good if you avoid lifting immense weight. And if you’re doing this in a usual state of affairs or in the gym. Then, make sure you’re applying absolute bending, lifting, and twisting practices.
  3. You can target more on exercises that build up the core muscles.
  4. If you encounter pain after waking up from sleep, it will be better to sleep in a good position instead of making unusual postures.
  5. Good food will always lead to a healthy life. And the same thing is there for spine health as well. For that, consume a balanced diet that contains essential proteins and nutrients to keep the bones strong.
  6. If you go for the gym and train your muscles, don’t engage yourself in those activities which lead to strains and sprains.
  7. We take a lot of work from our body. At the end of the day, it also calls for a healthy rest. That’s why take proper rest if you deal with all-day working and relax your back and neck muscles.

For any assistance, you can consult our professional candidates for a better approach. Our helpline numbers as well as mail assistance is available to make a better reach.


Try to be careful when you experience those unordinary things that relate to your spine surgery cost. For example, if there is some injury like strain, sprain, or fracture, don’t be lazy to go for treatment. Sometimes people try to wait until the problem gets fixed. But, there can be cases where people have to face added difficulties as the level of trouble arises.

The cost of spine surgery is a different thing. At least you can visit a doctor for a special recommendation for the case. What if he would not consider the surgery and advocate for some other measures! Well, that can be a good thing for sure. That’s why don’t give space for too much trouble in mind. If you feel uncomfortable related to spine-issues, make an appointment and ask the doctor about it.

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