Tips For Senior Citizens Recovering From Hip Surgery

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Tips For Senior Citizens Recovering From Hip Replacement Surgery

A home looks incomplete if there is an absence of older people. Whether in the form of parents or grandparents, it is a matter of pleasure that we can take care of them and spend quality time together. Two stages in life are supposed to be sensitive for a person. The first one is the childhood days when a kid learns different things in life and grows. And the second one is the older period when a person finds trouble performing different tasks. In both stages, we need to pay special attention so they could live in peace and comfort.

Now, particularly talking about the time when a  person enters into the category of a senior citizen, i.e., the age of 60 or above, several body functions may not work as they should. There can be a presence of weakness and some body parts may function improperly. For example, pain is a common feeling that many of us have experienced in different ways. It can occur in children or younger people as well. But, many kinds of pain are associated more with older persons. One of the possible causes behind this occurrence is some kind of a medical condition. Here, in this blog, the team of Mewar Hospitals will bring some useful information for senior citizens recovering from hip surgery. Apart from that, we will mention different things linked to this aspect.

Firstly, let’s know why the problem of hip pain occurs.

Pain In The Hips

This is one of those conditions which we don’t hear or read often unlike other forms of pain. But yes, it is regarded as one of the most irritating affairs that can put a person in a seriously uncomfortable state. There is a joint-inflammation disease called arthritis that proves to be a hazardous condition for the joints. Although it involves more than 100 kinds. But two out of them, i.e., osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are regarded as the most common causes of hip pain. Else, some other causes of hip pain include tendinitis, strain in the muscle or tendon, bursitis, hip fracture, etc.

Our hip is a ball and socket joint. It is also one of the largest and most important joints that involve the presence of cartilage. The cartilage cushions the ball and socket so the bones do not rub with each other. Due to the mentioned conditions, injury, or increased age, the cartilage can wear down or turn out to be damaged. This problem can lead to pain and walking issues.

A hip pain may be temporary, while it can turn out to be chronic or long-lasting. To relieve the pain, various options are available like medicines, injections, or physical therapies. If the case isn’t getting fine by such methods, the last option that comes in front is surgical help. At that time, hip replacement surgery may come into use.

Now, let’s move on to what hip replacement surgery stands for –

About Hip Replacement Surgery

You can identify it as a segment of joint replacement surgery through which a person obtains relief from pain and improves movement. In this procedure, the damaged parts of the joint are taken out. As a substitution, the surgeon inserts artificial components made of metal, ceramic, or other material. When it takes place, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for some days depending on the condition. The physical therapy will begin the day after surgery. Hip replacement surgery can either be minimally invasive or traditional. Based on the kind of damage, the surgeon will decide whether he needs to implement a partial or a total hip replacement.

Essential Tips For Senior Citizens After A Hip Replacement 

When you undergo hip replacement surgery, some time will be needed for the recovery. And yes, there are numerous things to keep in mind after having such kinds of procedures. They will be helpful in keeping you safe from worries and promote better healing. Talking about complete recovery, it differs from person to person. Still, it can take around three to four months in getting back to most of the normal activities.

So, here are some tips which you can follow after having this surgical procedure.

1. Do’s

Move After Surgery

There will be a need to be in some movement as soon as possible after the surgery. The doctor will suggest having some steps in the initial period with the help of support. Walking is an important asset for recovery. And yes, after some time of the surgery, you’ll need to avoid prolonged sitting. When the surgery accomplishes,  there can be a possibility of blood clots on the leg side. To avoid that, doctors and team are there to assist with relevant guidance.

Follow The Recommendations of PT

Your physical therapist will play a great role right after the surgical method. He will teach different things and guide for relevant techniques that will help in a speedy recovery. It will also promote improved blood flow and strength of muscles. Remember, the thing which he denies will need to be avoided sincerely. All the precautions must be followed carefully and ideally. If someone does not follow the recommendations guided by him, he may dislocate his newly replaced joint and thus, there will be a need to perform another surgery.

Exercises Play An Important Role

The next thing is to include exercises in the everyday schedule. You’ll need to spend some energy performing a few exercises every day for some months. Therefore, do perform every session and be punctual in this case.

Take Care Of Your Hygiene

However, family members will be there to assist in various tasks. But, it is important for the patient to be attentive in some things. This includes keeping the incision dry and clean till the healing period. Also, try to take care at the time of taking shower or getting dressed. During such activities, limit straining or bending too much. Talk to the doctor regarding this point.

Take Precautions While Moving

It is very important to take care of unwanted falls or slips, especially for the elders who have undergone a hip replacement. You’ll need to be cautious while moving from one place to another. If you feel worried, take help from your family members. Fall must be avoided as it can lead to serious complications. For better suggestions, you can ask the doctors of Mewar Hospital.

Take Medicines On Time

You may need to take some medicines when the surgery is over. They may be given according to the patient’s condition. Although, the dose may reduce when the surgery is over. But yes, there can be a feeling of pain and stiffness after surgery. For that, you may need to take such doses for a momentary period.

Have Some Patience

This kind of surgery is just a matter of some hours. But, the preparation and recovery time asks for numerous months. You’ll have to go through various things before and after the surgery. Some risks and complications are also linked with this procedure. Therefore, try to be calm and follow all the recommendations as said by the health professional.

Attend Regular Meetings With The Doctor

When the surgery is over, you’ll have several appointments to look at various things. The doctor will inspect the recovery status or find out how the patient is feeling. Therefore, it is essential to meet the doctor on given schedules for better outcomes.

2. Don’ts

Limit Twisting Or Pivoting

You’ll need to avoid twisting or pivoting on the leg for a longer time, such as six to twelve months. Also, don’t try to bend the leg towards the body. The doctor will also tell you about the things that need to be restricted. Therefore, follow his advice carefully.

Daily Routine Activities

You won’t be able to perform several tasks for a longer time. This includes driving, getting back to work or job, or playing various kinds of sports. If you have any doubt regarding what needs to be avoided, you can talk to the physical therapist or an occupational therapist.

If Suspect Anything Wrong

If you experience anything unpleasant, for example, pain, swelling, drainage at the incision, redness, etc. call the doctor straight away. Don’t hide anything wrong as it can lead to problematic affairs.

The Duty of Family Members

Well, this kind of joint replacement surgery is a major procedure. The patient may feel emotionally distressed, especially after the operation. So, when it’s the time to welcome them home again, you need to put all your efforts into making them comfortable. It will be a big responsibility on the shoulders of the rest of the family members. They must manage all the things properly as it can help the patient for a better recovery.

Here are some things in which you can take part and care for your elders.

1. Prepare Healthy Meals For Them

Healthy food can also contribute to better healing after a hip replacement. Try to add those things which have a fair amount of protein and citrus fruits having vitamin C. Talk to the doctor if the senior citizen is suffering from some other kind of disease that involves a restriction of some food items.

2. Make Their Ways Clear

The patient will not be able to clear the pathways where he needs to go. It is the duty of family members to be sincere in this aspect. Try to keep a protected environment for them by which they will be secured from any kind of falls. Especially if there is a pet inside the house, it will be better to keep him away from the place where the patient is resting.

3. Monitor Physical Therapy Sessions And Medicines

It is the foremost duty of the rest of the house members to keep an eye on the physical therapy sessions of their loved ones. The therapy session will begin after the operation and continue for months. Therefore, you need to be clear that the patient is following the advice of the therapist properly and isn’t skipping any session. If they are doing so, try to convince them with love and tell them how therapy plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Do the same if they have been recommended with medicines.

4. Be There For Your Loved One

For many senior citizens, such major operations can affect them emotionally. They may feel low or frustrating in some situations. But, as a responsible family member, you’ll have to hold their hand. Whatever the reason is, try to make them happy and satisfied. Overcome their requirements, spend quality time and be a part of their happiness. All these things can not only contribute to keeping their mood fine but will also encourage a speedy recovery.

5. If Possible, Hire A Caregiver

In some families, there can be a possibility that the family members may not be available due to some reasons. At that time, you can hire a professional caregiver that will cater to the needs of the patient and provide support in such hard times. If you’re hiring him for the entire period, the patient can receive all the things timely, like medicines, food, therapies, etc.

The Ending Words From Mewar Hospitals

We managed to deliver some helpful information through this blog. Now, if you’re finding any problems regarding the hip joint or suffering from pain that continues to trouble, visit Mewar Hospital. We have a chain of fine and experienced orthopedic doctors that can look after the condition. Also if there is a necessity of performing a hip replacement surgery, you can contact our center. We will be there to provide fine medical services.

Else, try to take care of the elder ones and be a support for them specifically when they go through such major surgeries. We will be there to assist in pre and post-surgical time. But, you will also need to play a major duty at home. Be attentive in such circumstances as it will be better for both the patient and rest of the members.

If there is any concern or query in mind, you can get in touch with our representatives.

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