Yoga And Back Pain – Assumption and Facts

December 27, 2022by admin-mewar
Yoga And Back Pain-Assumption And Facts

Exercise by any means is beneficial for our body if done precisely and up to a limit. With its help, a person can build and strengthen muscles, improve physical well-being, and remains fit. There are different forms of exercises to see. In India, one of the common and widely opted practices to maintain physical and mental health is yoga. Many of us are aware of this term and would have seen others performing it. And not only about our country, but people in different parts of the world are also adopting this technique for their betterment.

Now, if someone wishes to give some time to perform this form of exercise, he may wonder about its benefits. Although, you can find a number of advantages attached to it. But, here the team of Mewar Hospital will focus more on an assumption that whether yoga helps to relieve back pain or not.

Does Yoga Helps Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain is a problem suffered by millions of people every year. It is regarded as one of the most uncomfortable conditions in the life of a person especially when hit with a great impact. People have to take assistance from numerous options to find relief from this form of pain. Even there can be a surgical necessity especially when traditional forms of treatment don’t work for the patient. This condition can badly affect the quality of life.

If you’re also suffering from back pain that troubles you at a constant interval, yoga can help you by some means. However, when conditions go wrong, you must visit the doctor. But, in the initial stage, you can try this option. It is a fact that people find assistance in back pain with the help of different yoga methods. A trained yoga teacher can help you by teaching poses that are helpful to ease back pain. Even you can find many physical therapists who hold a good knowledge of yoga and its associated poses.

Yoga Poses For Back Pain

We are listing some known poses and postures of yoga that helps to relieve back pain.

1. Cat/Cow

* To apply this technique, you will have to get on the floor on both hands, knees, and fingers of the foot.

* This means your shoulder will be over the wrists and your hips will be over the knees.

* After that, inhale slowly.

* At the time of exhaling, you will need to arch the spine and put the head towards the floor.

* Thereafter, breathe in and raise your head along with your chest and tailbone towards the top.

* During this activity, make sure to maintain awareness of the body.

* Perform it for at least 1 minute.

2. Child’s Pose

* For this, you need to put yourself down with the knees and the feet touching the ground first.

* Then inhale, and when you exhale, lay the torso over the thighs. Touch the front side of the toes to the ground.

* After that, lengthen the spine and neck and keep the forehead on the ground.

* Extend the arms out over to you.

* Be in this position for around 1 to 2 minutes.

3. Downward Facing Dog

* Put your hands on the floor and from the back side, stand on the toes which will lift the hip side.

* Keep the fingers of the hand stretched, attempt to straighten the legs, and lower the heels in the direction of the ground.

* Maintain a relaxing position of the head facing down and the elbows remaining straight.

* Do this for around half to one minute.

* By this activity, you will be able to stretch the hamstrings.

4. Triangle Pose

* Stand in a straight position by keeping the feet together.

* Now, make your left foot out for about 3 to 4 feet and take it to an angle of 45 degrees.

* Thereafter, put your left hand on the left foot where the elbows remain straight.

* Turn your face into the ceiling side with the right hand raised straight and the elbows remaining straight.

* Maintain a straight back and make sure that the arms don’t overstretch.

* Be in this position as far as you complete 5 to 10 breaths.

* Then, perform this activity on the opposite side.

* It helps to strengthen the back along with the legs.

5. Upward Facing Dog

* You will need to keep the body flat on the floor.

* Thereafter, just like we prepare for a push-up, keep the lower body straight.

* Keep the hand straight and elbows close to the body and make a position in such a way that the front side of the toes touches the floor.

* Make the chest up, pull the shoulders back, and keep your head in the sky-side.

* In the initial time, perform this for around 30 seconds and when you come into a routine, stretch for around 1 minute.

* With its help, a person gets able to stretch his abdominal muscles and improves the back.

6. Crescent Lunge

* Step in front of the mat. Then extend one leg, let’s say the left one.

* Thereafter, bend the front knee and make sure that the back leg remains straight and the heel does not touch the ground.

* Then, bend the front leg in such a manner that the thigh comes in a parallel state to the floor.

* Raise both hands in the sky. This will create a stretch in the hips.

* When you raise your arms, inhale and at the time of putting them back in a restful state, exhale.

* Do this for around half to a complete minute and repeat the procedure on the opposite side.

* This pose will help to take the pressure from the lower back.

For detailed information, take help from the instructor.

Benefits of Performing Yoga For Back Pain

By performing yoga, you can achieve a lot of benefits both physically and mentally. We are listing some of those here.

1. Promotes Muscle Health

With the help of various yoga poses, one can relax and stretch his muscles. Consequently, the back muscles and joints will have improved flexibility. Apart from that, you can find techniques that help to strengthen one or more muscles which ultimately helps to relieve lower back pain. If someone is suffering from lower back pain, they should prefer stretching. It will be a good move to promote muscle and joint health.

2. Improves Spinal Alignment

If a person holds a natural curvature of the spine, it will keep him away from several disturbances. So, if someone involves yoga in his daily routine, it will help improve both posture and balance. This will result in making many body parts aligned appropriately like the head, shoulder, and pelvis.

3. Promotes Mental Health

Apart from physical health, yoga can also deliver mental health benefits. There are several poses like breathing in and out that can help positively to relieve stress and anxiety. At that time, a person goes on a meditation-based state that keeps him away from worldly affairs for some time. It is also beneficial for enhancing mood. Even if a person has improved mental health, it can help with back pain. According to research, it has been mentioned that if someone involves in meditation, he can get the capability to lessen the back pain sensation. Sometimes, when you face this kind of pain, there can be an appearance of negative thoughts in your mind. As a result, this can help in elevating the level of pain. Therefore, you can try out some poses of yoga to enhance mental health, and eventually, it will create an impact in relieving back pain.

4. Encourage Blood Flow

The procedure of inhaling and exhaling in yoga is helpful to relax the body. Consequently, the blood flow is increased which delivers several advantages. Especially regarding the back, an increased blood flow will assist to improve the environment of the nearby muscles.

Be Careful!

With the help of yoga, a person can maintain the strength and flexibility of his back. Even it can help him in reducing the chances of lower back pain. But, make sure to perform the postures correctly. Follow the instructions of your coordinator carefully. One important thing you should know in the case of yoga is that it contains a lot of physical movements. Therefore, a person can meet with an injury. Perform it nicely and precisely to avoid unpleasing scenarios.


Before attempting yoga, it will be better to talk to a doctor or a therapist. And when you’re suffering from back issues where visiting the doctor becomes essential, clear your doubts and worries during the visit. Although you will get assistance and useful suggestions, you can also ask some questions linked to your problem. Like, ask about the movements which need to be restricted. You can ask regarding the precautions and measures to keep away from an injury or stay safe.

And one more thing, if you have started doing yoga today, there might be a feeling of soreness the coming day. However, it proves to be a normal event and it will automatically disappear after some days. Surely if someone performs yoga properly, it will not cause any kind of pain, tingling, or numbness to the body. If it happens, try to quit such actions and talk to the doctor first.

A Message From The Team

The poses mentioned in the upper section are aimed to deliver an understanding and idea to the readers. A lot of other poses are also available to take benefits from. Try to get in touch with the doctor or therapist for better outcomes. You can visit Mewar Hospital for concerns regarding the back or any other medical issue. We will make our efforts to solve such worries and deliver fine health services to keep you out of such problems. Even if you have any other queries or doubts in mind, please contact our team.

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